How to choose a true wireless bluetooth headset? Three cold knowledge. It is important to have good sound quality

wireless noise cancelling earbuds

1 Is apt-x really better?

Simply put, APTX is also a Bluetooth transmission mode. Due to its wireless noise cancelling earbuds low latency and good fault tolerance, APT-X has become the most advanced encoding method in the field of Bluetooth wireless audio transmission. Only mobile phones and headphones can support this transmission method.

If the device does not support APT-X, it will automatically exit and select AAC transmission; if the device does not even support AAC, audio transmission will work in the most basic SBC mode. APT-X sound quality is the best choice to achieve CD-level audio experience. In recent years, Sony has also developed LDAC audio technology. This technology can theoretically transmit lossless music, but its application range is not wide.

2. What is the difference between active noise reduction and passive noise reduction?

Noise-cancelling headphones are divided into two types: active noise-cancelling and passive noise-cancelling. Passive noise reduction only uses physical properties to isolate external noise from the ear, and blocks the noise through sound insulation materials, which can generally reduce noise by about 15-20dB. The cost is low, the effect is universal, and the sound-insulating material makes ear wear uncomfortable.

Active Noise Cancellation is much higher, first by capturing the noise waveform characteristics, then through the built-in processing of the back waves in the chip, and then by reducing the phase of the speakers by height. Therefore, a noise reduction system with this function requires a microphone, a chip and a speaker, and the cost is high.

3. Can the sound quality of the machine become better?

As for brand new earphones, some components (such as transistors, integrated circuits, capacitors, and other parameters) are unstable and take a while to stabilize.

In order for us to get the best sense of hearing when using headphones in the enterprise, the term "burn-in" began to appear. In fact, before the headphones can be used, by playing music of different cultural styles for a long time, the equipment management and various spare parts can be fully developed and run in, so that the performance of the headphones is more stable.




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