Look for features of online payment gateways.



Security is one of the most important functions of a payment gateway. It's not just important to you, it's also important to your customers. When choosing a payment gateway, you must ensure that the platform offers strong security. This problem can be solved if the payment gateway is pCIDS level 1 compliant.

Easy to integrate

Look for payment gateways that allow plugins to integrate seamlessly with your existing platform. Using payment integration saves the effort of manually updating records and reduces the scope of errors. Every time there is a new sale, the payment is digital and it starts to reflect on the tools you use.

Detailed report

A payment gateway is just a virtual terminal for many retailers to capture transactions. However, if set up correctly, it can give you a lot more. A good internet payment gateway can provide detailed reports and faster reconciliations to help you make informed business decisions.

Invoice Options

A secure payment gateway with built-in invoicing is great news for any retailer. This helps to simplify the payment process and provide convenient payment methods.

Multiple payment methods.

As customers opt for digital payments, your payment gateway should be able to accept debit/credit cards, wallets and rewards. When retailers offer their customers their preferred payment method, it helps gain their trust, leading to repeat visits and boosting sales.

Fast processing.

Speed ​​from customer account to retailer account is important. Fast processing results in a hassle-free user experience for customers.

pinelabs' payment gateways help some of our business partners accept online payments quickly and securely. In addition to the above features, we also offer additional features such as a built-in EMI calculator, a checkout experience based on email and SMS invoices.




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