How to Accept Klarna Payments via Stripe: A Guide


Klarna is one of the largest Swedish banks today, providing online banking payment options to 85 million consumers through 20,000 merchants. The bank operates in 17 countries including Austria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. Some of the biggest brands in the world integrate with Klarna, including Timberland, Sephora, H&M, ThenorthFace and more.

One of Klarna's biggest draws is how many payment options it offers customers. You can use the payment page builder to integrate three different payment options - Pay Later, Pay Now and Slice. With all these options, banks can Klarna payment gateway to protect customers and businesses from fraud.

Select larna to pay later.

Payments allow shoppers to complete transactions and delay payments for weeks. He usually has 14 to 30 days to settle all the money. When a customer chooses to pay later, he will go through the following process:

1. On the e-commerce store's checkout screen, he selects Pay Later as the transaction option. Then, he was redirected to the hosting page.

2. On Klarna's redirect page, he may be prompted to enter additional details such as date of birth. After that, his order goes to the next step.

3. The bank does an automatic credit search using his bank details and the information he provides on the redirect page. Once complete, the purchase will be approved.

4. The browser will automatically redirect to the merchant website, and the user can see that the order has been completed.

Option to pay for Klarna now.

If the customer wants to pay at the moment of his transaction, he can choose to pay immediately. This option accesses credit stored in a digital wallet; through it he can facilitate bank transfers or card purchases.

1. At checkout, when the customer chooses to pay now, his browser will be redirected to the Klarna hosting page.

2. If he is a new user, he will see a window prompting him to enter his account credentials. If not, he can use the information he saved earlier for the next step.

3. Klarna confirms the transaction and debits the digital wallet. The customer's browser then returns to the merchant website.

Select SliceIt for Klarna.

If the client wants to pay in installments, he can choose Sliceit so he can pay for the project over a period of time. There are a variety of installment payment plans that allow shoppers to choose the right payment plan for their budget.

1. Customers can select Sliceit on the checkout screen, which will redirect Klarna's hosting page.

2. Once he's here, the shopper can choose the installment plan that best fits his budget. Banks offer payment terms with different interest rates, ranging from 3 to 36 months.

3. After he confirms, the browser asks him for more details, which the bank uses for instant credit search.

4. If the transaction is approved, the browser will redirect to the merchant website and complete the checkout.


Klarna allows your clients to choose the right payment method for their budget. Pay instantly in all regions to confirm payment. Slices and subsequent payments are also instant for most countries. In the US and UK, businesses will receive provisional confirmation and payments will settle within five business days. Generally speaking, it provides an easy and flexible way for customers to shop on your website.

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Does Google Pay work with Klarna?

In the Klarna app, look up the store and create a digital card to make your purchase. When paying at the register, tap for contactless payment by adding the card to your Google Pay wallet (or Apple Pay for iPhone users).

Is Apple Pay accepted by Klarna?

The app also offers Apple Pay as a payment method. Not accepted are prepaid cards. All other popular debit and credit cards are accepted by us. The Klarna Card cannot be used to make transactions using credit cards.

Do they accept Chime cards at Klarna?

Do you currently hold a Chime credit builder card? Then Klarna agrees.


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