What exactly is website optimization? What is Search Engine Optimization?SEO?

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In addition to SEM advertising, SEO, as one of the seo company in singapore Google search engine marketing, can be distinguished in the competition of the Internet foreign trade marketing, sought after by the majority of users, there must be its intrinsic charm, SEO, in addition to having search engine characteristics, also has the following characteristics.

What exactly is SEO?

According to the official definition, SEO stands for Search (Search) Engine (Engine) Optimization (Optimization), a three-word acronym for search engine optimization. Using the laws of search engine algorithms to increase a website's natural rating inside the search engine in issue. Allow it to occupy a position in the industry; SEO includes both off-site SEO and on-site SEO; in order to get more free traffic from the search engine, reasonable planning should be carried out from the perspective of the website structure, content construction program, user interaction and dissemination, page, and so on, so that the search engine displays the website related information that is more appealing to the user.


Low price.

The use of SEO to optimize a website not only enhances its rating, but also makes the search engine more friendly. Except for the expense of paying the appropriate employees, enterprises normally do not need to spend in additional expenditures.

Accuracy in Traffic

Ranking outcomes from SEO optimization of the website are natural rankings. In general, the clicks are from specific consumers.

Excellent user experience

SEO staff via appropriate design of the website structure, layout, content, keywords, and other aspects, so that the site is in accordance with the search engine guidelines. It provides an amazing browsing experience for users that visit the website.

Later stage rating stability

The true credibility is extremely high when using normal SEO optimization tactics to accomplish a good job of ranking the site. As long as adequate maintenance is performed, the ranking's stability is quite strong, and the location of the time of many years may not change.

Reduce your advertising expenses.

As stated in the previous issue, website quality score + bidding amount = website ranking; we may enhance the website quality score by optimizing the website for SEO to lower the amount of advertising bidding.


Cycle is required.

The optimization of the website requires a set period of time. If you want to optimize the keywords to the top results, the general difficulty of the words need 2-3 months to row in place, and if the difficulty is larger, it requires 3-6 months.

We require consistent service.

To sustain the ranking of the site, it is necessary to optimize the long-term maintenance of the site, which will need a significant investment of energy.

How can this be resolved?

The first step is to shift from SEO to SEM advertising, so that we may not only deliver correct visitors, but also enhance the site and Google's friendliness. The quantity of investment is determined directly by the industrial sector and company planning.

After all, there are specialties, business owners such as the law of the Internet know well, you can try to take the helm; if not proficient, it is recommended that you listen more to the advice of professionals.


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