Alipay WeChat pay leads global mobile payment

Alipay WeChat pay leads global mobile payment

At present, Alipay has launched Alipay services in more than 40 countries and regions around the world, and has completed more than 20 WeChat payments.

Alipay and WeChat payments allow Chinese people to enjoy convenient payment services when traveling abroad or on business trips. During the payment process, RMB can be directly exchanged with the local currency,best subscription payment service avoiding the trouble of exchanging the local currency.

Alipay and WeChat pay are the first institutions to use mobile electronic payment, and they are also the two national institutions that research the largest amount of online user information in the world, while Alipay's competitive strategic competitors include Samsung, Huawei, Amazon, Xiaomi,, Baidu, Telecom, etc. Giants, but still unable to catch up with Alipay and WeChat pay.

So today, consumers basically only use Alipay and WeChat to pay, and the corresponding merchants also use Alipay and WeChat payment codes when collecting payments.

However, with the widespread application of Alipay and WeChat payment codes, aggregated payment payment codes have become popular and become a new payment method.

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