Do you know what a smart car is? Maybe seeing this will make a big difference to you!

smart module

When it comes to smart cars, I believe everyone will think of the scenes in American science fiction movies, where cars can perform various tasks and can drive themselves and other high-tech performances. Like smartphones, not only for smart module making phone calls but also for enjoying the network; smart cars, not only for travelling on behalf of others, but also for enjoying driving. Today, let's talk about smart cars.

What is a smart car?

The intelligent car we are talking about is the one that adds more advanced sensors (radar, camera), controllers, actuators and other equipment to ordinary cars, and realizes intelligent information exchange with people, cars and roads through on-board sensing systems and information terminals, so that the vehicle has intelligent environmental sensing ability, and analyzes the safety and danger status during the driving process.

How many stages of automation are there?

L0 level, that is, a car does not have any automatic characteristics at all, all the operations have to be driven by a human to fully master. And the vast majority of cars on the market now basically fall into this category.

In L1 stage, the assisted driving system is responsible for holding the steering wheel steady or controlling acceleration and deceleration, while human beings are responsible for other though dynamic driving tasks, and many current models are equipped with vehicles with fixed speed cruise control, which can also be basically classified as this stage.

L2 level, which is partially autonomous driving, it includes high-speed lane recognition and intelligent cruise control that can automatically maintain the distance of the vehicle in front of it, and most importantly, these functions can reduce or accelerate the speed of the vehicle.

Level L3, which allows autonomous driving under certain conditions, the autonomous driving system will actively monitor the road environment and be responsible for the vehicle's acceleration and deceleration, braking and steering control work, but it has not yet reached the level of fully autonomous driving, and when encountering unexpected situations, the driver still needs to intervene to control it.

L4 level, which allows more advanced other autonomous driving driving, even if a special situation occurs the driver can not respond accordingly, the automatic driving system can still make an emergency response.

And L5 level, or the development of mature autonomous driving technology, will achieve true full automation, the vehicle is completely controlled by the autonomous driving system, but no car manufacturer has been able to set a timetable for this goal.

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Do you know what a smart car is? Maybe seeing this will make a big difference to you!

When it comes to smart cars, I believe everyone will think of the scenes in American science fiction movies, where cars can perform various tasks and can drive ...

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