What are the benefits of paying?


1. Increase consumer trust

According to a report by Baymard, a research firm that focuses on the utility of e-commerce, 20% of online shoppers in the U.S. will forgo payment when shopping for safety reasons, which means that if you can't provide customers with safe payment options, you may 1/5 of customers will be lost.

Adding a trusted brand to payment development methods,credit card payment gateway, such as Amazon pay, etc., can give cautious shoppers more peace of mind, because for them to not need to enter any sensitive data information on your website, such as credit card passwords, etc., Amazon Nor will it share user passwords or payment market information with third-party e-commerce companies.

Additionally, most orders using Amazon pay are covered by Amazon's "a-to-z" claims, which include timely delivery and product status. If a buyer is dissatisfied with something, it can be reported to Amazon, which increases buyer confidence.

2. Simplify the payment process

Baymard also found that 28% of shoppers abandon their carts because the seller's payment process is too long or too complicated. Adding Amazon pay to your payment options makes it easy for customers to use the addresses and payment information they use on Amazon directly, saving customers time, making the user's payment experience more seamless, and greatly reducing your cart rejections Rate.

3. provide omni-channel payment

Omnichannel commerce has become one of the buzzwords of 2018, with 73% of shoppers shopping through multiple channels, according to the journal Harvard Business Review.

It's especially important for e-commerce sellers to pay attention - to provide customers with a consistent buying experience, whether on mobile or desktop. And Amazon pay will make it easier for your customers to shop online, on their phones, and even by voice (for example, via Amazon Alexa Voice).


Now more than ever, online shoppers are looking for a smooth, secure, omni-channel shopping experience. Amazon pay is expected to be used by more stores in 2019 to increase store conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and increase user loyalty. As an Amazon seller, if you don’t want to fall behind your competitors, it’s time to offer this payment option to your target customers.


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