【 Dry muscle 】 Is the skin dry and itchy? 4 skin moisturizing Points You need to know!

【 Dry muscle 】 Is the skin dry and itchy? 4 skin moisturizing Points You need to know!

【 Dry muscle 】 Is the skin dry and itchy? 4 skin moisturizing Points You need to know!

01- Dry muscle - dry - dehydrated - Moisturizing - water lock - dry skin

After washing your face, the skin becomes dry and tight, the skin feels rough, and even itchy, peeling, red spots and other symptoms. Thermage FLX These are all opportunistic symptoms that occur when the skin is dehydrated. Wondering if your skin and muscles are dry? What methods can improve the dry skin problem? Let's do a skin test!

30 minutes to find out if you have dry muscles: Test yourself!

02- Dry skin - dry muscle - dehydration - sensitive - dry - water lock - Moisturizing

I wonder if you have dehydrated muscles? Test your skin for 30 minutes and you'll find out! First wash your face thoroughly with detergent, do not use any skin care products after printing dry water, wait for 30 minutes. If the T-shaped area is slightly oily, it is likely to be neutral or mixed skin; If there is oil on the T-shaped area and cheeks, it is oily skin. Instead, the skin becomes tight and dry.

However, moisturizing your skin is not just a topic for dry skin, but an important routine that all skin types should pay attention to. If the skin is not properly hydrated, the skin barrier becomes weak, causing problems such as itching, sensitivity, fine lines, and a dull complexion. In addition to making the skin sensitive, it will also accelerate aging and make the skin condition worse.

Why is my skin so dry?

1. Over-cleansing your skin

Some cleansers with strong cleansing power, such as acne oil cleansers, have the chance to destroy the sebum on the skin surface, weaken the skin protective barrier, and make moisture easily volatilized, leaving the skin dry and lacking moisture.

2. Seasons change

04- Dry - dehydrated - sensitive - Dry muscle - Moisturizing - dry skin - water lock

Changes in temperature and humidity can alter the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands. Seasonal changes, especially in autumn and winter, are also lower in temperature and humidity, making skin moisture loss faster and drying more noticeable. So you can change your skin care products as needed when you change seasons, such as using a rich moisturizer in winter.

3. Your skincare regimen is wrong

03- Sensitive - dry skin - water lock - dry muscle - moisture - dehydration - dry

The mistake of skin care routine or the misuse of mismatched skin care products can moisturize the skin. The proper skin care routine is to apply skin care products immediately after thoroughly washing the face to replenish and lock in moisture. In addition, it is equally important to use the appropriate skin care products for your skin type. It can add proper nutrients to the skin to avoid insufficient moisturizing or irritating the skin.

4. The shower is too hot

Moisturizing - Dry - dehydrating - Water lock - Sensitive - Dry skin - Dry muscles

Bathing in hot water with too high water temperature, or soaking in hot water for too long, will cause a large loss of natural sebum of the skin, and will also evaporate skin moisture. Dermatologists recommend washing with hot water at about 45 degrees to not only wash away dirt and bacteria, but also protect the lipid layer, the natural barrier of the skin. The best soaking time should be controlled within 20 to 30 minutes. More than 30 minutes, natural sebum loss, skin is too dry.


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