Why pay online instead of traditional payment methods?

American express automatic payments

Different markets in Southeast Asia have different payment methods: cash on delivery, bank u002Fatm transfer, credit card, mobile wallet, etc.

Due to the new nature of electronic payments, more than 73% of the population (438 million) are still unbanked and lack the trust to share information through online channels.

In countries such as Thailand, online payment usage remains low due to a lack of trust in online shopping. Therefore, it hinders the development of e-commerce in our country and will further affect the development of the whole region.

However, Thailand is not the only country that feels insecure about the online shopping system. The Nielsen report shows that cash still has an impact in Southeast Asia. Therefore, offering a cash payment should be the key to winning their buying decision. The survey shows that people are very fond of using cash, with the Philippines (74%), Thailand (68%), Vietnam (61%) and Malaysia (60%) topping the list

With the rise of fintech and e-commerce, it is important to educate consumers about the ease of paying online.

So in this article, we explore the advantages of online payments together.

First, about security.

Most Southeast Asians do not trust online payment companies because they fear that their American express automatic payments privacy will be compromised. Or they worry about fraud. At this point, you can rest assured that legitimate online payment companies are authorized to provide money services. You can check it out in "About" on their website. Also, payment companies are bound by local laws, and they cannot do anything beyond legal regulation.

Second, compared to traditional payment methods, it has higher convenience

If you want to buy goods with traditional payment methods, you need to bring a lot of cash to the physical store. Not safe either. But if you use online payment, you can buy goods from online websites without leaving your home, and online payment can save time and effort.

The third is the advantage of online remittance

Do you remember the experience of filling out many complicated forms at the bank when you were transferring money abroad? Sending money with an online payment company only takes a few minutes. The handling fee is also much lower than that of the bank, which always charges a high handling fee for international remittances because there are large hidden handling fees. Finally, in terms of speed, many online money transfer agencies can achieve same-day arrival of funds, but banks usually take 3-7 business days.

Technology is changing the way we live our daily lives, and we should embrace these changes because of the convenience they bring to us. With online payments, life can become more convenient.



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