What is cleaner to order for takeout?


1. Try to order hot Chinese dishes
Hot dishes can kill most of the researched microorganisms after a high-temperature sterilization; while cold dishes, even if peppers, garlic, etc. are used for effective sterilization, there is almost no important effect, not to mention that students may affect some microorganisms over time. This is very detrimental to the health of the human gastrointestinal tract.

2. Meat and vegetable match, food diversification
Don't just eat meat,Takeaway Offer(網購優惠), the human body doesn't need so much meat. The editor of MAIGOO reminds that the combination of meat and vegetables is very important. In addition, the takeaway discount also requires us to maintain the diversity of Chinese food. In addition to ensuring the daily intake of green leafy vegetables for students, we can also eat some whole grains and nuts appropriately.

3. Bring your own fruits and vegetables to match
The amount of takeaway should be appropriately reduced. Don’t eat too much. You can prepare an apple, pear, orange, banana and other fruits. It is best to make a fruit and vegetable tray and put it in a fresh-keeping box. Take away with fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of vitamins, which is not only good for removing The oiliness of the takeaway can also ensure the body's most basic requirements for these nutrients. It is also effective for a balanced diet and balanced nutrition.

4. More steaming and less frying
Although fried food is delicious, it is very unhealthy, and it is easy to lose the nutrition of the food itself. When ordering takeout, we try to avoid frying, frying, smoking, baking, etc. Bleaching, salad, steaming, etc. are our best choices.

5. Don't order drinks
White water or green tea is the best beverage compared to various carbonated and flavored beverages. Drinks are not only easy to gain weight, but various additives are not conducive to human health. Carbonated drinks can also affect calcium absorption and disrupt normal digestion. If we are a teenager who is in the growth and development period, then the long-term drinking of beverages in the company is likely to cause the growth to be low!

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