What are the advantages of China UnionPay's Cloud Flash Payment, compared with Alipay WeChat?


No invitation! We all know that Alipay is the pioneer of mobile payments, so it's certainly not strange that Alipay can become the dominant player in the mobile payment industry. But I still say that the battle for mobile payments is far from over.

The company's main goal is to provide a solution to the problem of the problem. Here is the key to talk about the overall strength of the cloud flash payment, from the first half of 2019 gradually, the Internet technology online china unionpay international total traffic almost capped, in this environment, the cloud flash payment APP user volume still maintain continuous growth, thanks to the advantages of the role of more prominent, people-friendly gradually improve, industry chain agglomeration effect is significant.

The advantages of cloud flash payment

The key point of the enemy, that is, my key point. Cloud flash payment is ultimately the son of financial institutions, financial institutions to cloud flash payment of the magnitude of help is no doubt. The guys think ah, before Alipay and WeChat payment old to consumers to send red envelopes it, but ultimately? It has not been shouted to stop. The fact that Alipay and WeChat pay even cash and credit card payments need to charge service fees, and this kind of problem for the cloud flash payment, this is no matter at all, which of course establishes the advantages of the cloud flash payment!

Another is that cloud flash payment is ultimately a financial institution's commodity, whether it is managing the method of savings cards, bank transfers and credit card payments, which are better than Alipay WeChat. One more, the cloud flash payment on the side and many stores to do joint theme activities, which in short is the bank credit card functionality is also embedded in. This is not really blown, interested friends can go to understand!

Why do you want to spend money on marketing and promotion?

There used to be a saying that was very fashionable on the internet, sometimes beating you with just a document? Don't say that yet, it's really true! Gradually from January 2022, Alipay and WeChat payment in the money are not allowed to move, financial institutions said into the manipulation of riskiness, in short is unwilling to pay interest on loans to Alipay and WeChat payment in vain, ultimately hundreds of billions of assets, that has to spit is how much loan interest ah?

Back to the subject style to, why to spend money on marketing promotion? Nowadays are which era, fragrant alcohol is also afraid of wine fragrance is not afraid of alley ah, besides, when the Alipay is not also smashing money, cell phone WeChat then the red envelope is not also smashing money. So, under the condition of being able to get a share of the sales market, smashing money is a must. Besides, financial institutions are not bad money.

The result: a diverse sales market that will give customers plenty of options with cost-effective. At this stage, it is too early to say that cloud flash payment is not the enemy of Alipay and WeChat Pay. Along with the design of the development of the sink market, there is bound to be a wave of total traffic added in. We will look back after 3 years, who is considered the big brother in the mobile payment industry?

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