5G disruptive innovation car networking: mobile release new roadside module, Qualcomm precise positioning plan solution to do pu


The upcoming 5G, not only can produce fast data connection and data information network speed to the masses, but also facilitate the intelligent network-connected vehicles to drive into daily life. Recently, Beyoncé and Guangdong Mobile collaborated to create a "5G town" with Shunde New Energy Automobile Town as a pilot industrial base to promote the delivery of 5G in the local area. This in which Guangdong Mobile will give priority to the town's resident companies, especially automotive independent innovation companies, to give 5G Internet, accelerate the use of 5G technology in the intelligent networked car industry, to further promote the development trend of intelligent networked cars.

Not only Guangdong, but also Shanghai, Zhejiang, Hubei, Chongqing and many other regions have created demonstration parks for intelligent cars, intelligent transportation and other kinds of car networking related application demonstrations. c-V2X as a car with wireless transmission technology according to the 3GPP worldwide unified standard, has a strong 5G new air port evolution path, and is the core technology to support the point car networking landing type use. c-V2X applies two kinds of Communication interface, namely cellular communication interface (Uu) and transmission data communication interface (PC5). And based on the value of the important working ability index on the 5G network, 5G can support the mobility of terminal devices to achieve 500km/h with a delay as low as 1ms to reach the requirements of gnss module the cars driving on the road for data connection.

The immediate communication interface (PC5) does not need all cellular mobile networks, it allows the car to communicate with other cars, roadside modules and other infrastructure construction immediately, with a fast response time. In the global IoT technology product expo held not long ago, China Mobile exhibited a new upgraded roadside module, this roadside unit is based on Qualcomm 9150C-V2X motherboard chipset to build out the basic for the 5G period smart network connected car delivery, intelligent transportation system software operation. At this stage, the roadside module has been used in the Wuxi City LTE-V2X large city-level demonstration application project, and has obtained good practical results.

At the level of vehicle-mounted terminal equipment, data released by Neusoft Reach, a business incubator of Neusoft Group Group, shows that the enterprise program released C-BOX, a new V2X vehicle-mounted terminal equipment (OBU) communication commodity equipped with Qualcomm 9150C-V2X processing chip solution, which will apply to immediate communication between cars and other cars, road users, and road infrastructure construction. StarTrack Interconnect, a leading-edge technology company for our connected platform cars, has also announced the release of its V2X product line with the Qualcomm 9150C-V2X mainboard chipset solution, which includes the V-Box in-vehicle terminal device. Earlier, the 5G Automotive Alliance (5GAA) spearheaded a C-V2X technical field trial with partners including Qualcomm, BMW Five Series, and Ford Motor, completing immediate C-V2X communication across multiple car manufacturers' vehicle lines.

Unlike the use of mobile communication technology in other aspects, the car is likely to be in driving situation at any time and anywhere, and it is about the safety of both sides of public transportation such as buyers and passers-by to participate in, and it has better regulations on the accuracy of market positioning, which is also the main basic of various C-V2X data exchange platforms such as car and car, car and people, car and roadside modules. Therefore, Qualcomm, in collaboration with Thousand Locations and Mobile Farms Communications, will release detailed positioning and navigation worldwide navigation satellite system software (GNSS) solutions in the face of the Chinese automotive sales market. Among them, Qualcomm's precise positioning architecture is suitable for lane level accurate positioning, and when closely combined with third-party GNSS calibration service projects, it can even achieve precise positioning with deviation in the area of 1cm to some meters under some standards, which can then be better applied to various connected car applications.

Market research organization Sadie Consultant predicts and analyzes that by 2020, the sales range in China's automobile market will be 31.39 million units, with an annual average compound annual growth rate of more than 5%. Among them, the coverage rate of intelligent cars will be more than 25%, and the market capacity of intelligent cars in China is expected to reach 109.7 billion RMB. It can be said that the continuous improvement and delivery of new technologies such as 5G and C-V2X will accelerate the development trend of promoting cars to intelligent systems and networked platforms, which can give assurance for road traffic safety and will improve the effect of public transportation operation and everyone's feeling of traveling according to the intelligent transportation service system.

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