What do you mean by IoT gateway? What are the roles?

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Along with the gradual advancement of the definition of IoT, the application of commercial service level network technology is booming, and a variety of smart home products are coming up to improve our daily life. In addition, IoT gateways will also become cat 16 speed the key bridge of connectivity. As a gateway machine equipment, IoT gateway in addition to shouldering different kinds of perception of the Internet between the protocol transformation of job responsibilities, and will also have a certain role in the maintenance of the lowest level node equipment.

What is meant by gateway? Gateway is also known as inter-network RF connector, protocol converter.

In the institutional framework of IoT, an intermediate device is necessary in the middle of 2 different data networks of sensing layer and link layer, that is "IoT gateway". IoT gateway can be used for both LAN interconnection and local area network interconnection. In addition to this, the IoT gateway must also have the role of equipment maintenance, the operator according to the IoT gateway machine equipment can manage the method of the bottom of the sensory nodes, to master the nodes of the relevant information, and to complete the remote operation.

The role of the IoT gateway mainly contains three

1. Protocol transformation ability

The protocol transformation from different sensing Internet to connected Internet, the unified encapsulation form of the data information of the bottom layer of the specification file format, ensure that the protocol of different sensing Internet can be changed into unified information and messages; analyze the data given by the top layer into messages and program control that can be distinguished by the protocol of the sensing layer.

2. Manageable method capability

The first thing to do is to carry out management methods for the gateway, such as application registration management methods, management rights, situation control, etc. The gateway completes the management methods of the nodes in the subnet mask, such as obtaining the sign, situation, characteristics and kinetic energy of the nodes, and its remote control to complete the evocation, manipulation, confirmation, update and protection. Because the standard specification of subnet mask is different and the plurality of protocols is different, the gateway has different manageability capability.

3. Universal connectivity

At this stage, there are many standard specifications for short-range communication, and now countries around the world have been carrying out standardization work for IoT gateways, such as sensor research groups, to complete data sharing of various communication technology specifications.

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