When choosing a mining machine, the following methods need to be mastered:

When choosing a mining machine, the following methods need to be mastered:

The computing power of the mining machine is determined by the performance of the chip. The iteration of the chip can greatly improve the computing power of the miner. But after all, the chip is a precision equipment, upgrade is not so easy.

If the chip process can not be effectively improved, m31s miner then the way to improve the computing power of the miner is often to increase the number of chips on a single computing power board, but this will reduce the performance of the miner.

The calculation capacity of the mining machine should be kept within certain limits to optimize the overall performance.

2. by the price per T to judge whether the enterprise purchase of mining machine is economical

Some of the machines on the market are mainly super high computing power, metal prototype fabrication which is attractive in terms of publicity, but the price is not particularly affordable. Sometimes it is more economical to buy several small mining machines.

Conclusion: When determining whether a mining machine's price information is reasonable, you can analyze the comparison horizontally by referring to the market price per T of computing power.

3. Calculate the profit and return period of a single mining machine by calculating the currency amount and electricity cost

The bitcoin algorithm determines that the entire network can generate about 1800 bitcoins per day at this stage, saas payment gateway and the total volume of the network is now about 30.54 eh/s.

Conclusion: By calculating the daily profit and recovery period, the net profit of the mining machine can be evaluated. 4.

4. by calculating the power per watt to determine the mine machinery running input to output ratio

A qualified miner should be able to find a low cost source of electricity in addition to being able to choose a high production mining machine. The biggest cost of mining is electricity. Therefore, every dollar we invest in electricity should be used to maximize revenue.

All mining machines on the market have a list of specifications that show the overall computing power, power consumption on the wall, size, and a host of other parameters.

This directly reveals the power conversion rate of the miner, so that some so-called "high-calculus" "power hogs" have nowhere to hide. It is - arithmetic power per watt.

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