What do you mean by 3D printing out? What do you mean by rapid prototyping technology?


The process to resin material 3d molding as raw material, the computer system under the control of the ultraviolet laser beam according to the shape of each segment cross-section of the booking parts for the track of the liquid epoxy resin even point scanner, it is scanned by the epoxy resin laminate in the area of light condensation reaction, and then produce a laminate cross-section of the parts. When the layer of dry solidification is over, move the operating table, in the original dry solidification of the epoxy resin surface and then lay a new layer of liquid epoxy resin to facilitate the development of the next layer of scanner dry solidification. The new solidified layer is firmly bonded to the previous layer, and so on until the end of the original production of all parts. 3DSYSTEMS was the first company to release this technology in the United States. This technology is characterized by high precision and smoothness, but the raw materials are brittle, the operating costs are too high, the post-treatment process is complicated, and the regulations for the employees are high. Suitable for certification installation design process selection.

2. Three-dimensional printing and forming (3DP - 3DimensionPrinter)
Its biggest advantage mobile mine is miniaturization and easy to operate in practice, mostly used as commercial services, offices, scientific research and studios and other natural environments. And according to the print out method is not the same, 3D printing 3D printing technology can be divided into thermal explosion type 3D printing (means: the United States 3DSystems Zprinter series of products - the original belongs to ZCorporation, has been recycled by 3DSystems), piezo-resistive three-dimensional printing (means: the United States 3DSystems ProJet series of products and not long ago by the Stratasys company to recycle the Israeli Objet three-dimensional printing machines and equipment), DLP projection three-dimensional printing (means: Germany Envisiontec Ultra, Perfactory series of products), etc..

The mechanism of the thermal mtr hk explosion type three-dimensional printing process is the powder from the storage barrel to transport a certain amount, and then the roller will send out the powder in the production and processing services platform on a very thin layer of raw materials, the print head in accordance with the 3D computer entity model cut out the two-dimensional layer of information obtained after the content of the film sprayed out stand with the agent, stick to the powder. After the layer is done, the production and processing service platform is automatically lowered a little, the storage barrel is raised a little, and the scraper is dragged from the rising storage barrel to the working platform and the powder is shoveled flat, and so on repeatedly to get the desired look. The characteristics of this technology are faster (6 times faster than other processes) and lower cost (1/6 of other processes). The Zprinter series is the only 3D printing machine in the world that can print all colorful parts.

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