Couples erotic products, how to birth industry unicorn?

erotic products

What do you mean by couple erotic products?

There are two main categories: contraceptives and sex toys. We know more about family planning supplies, mainly refers to condoms, condoms, these family planning health supplies.

Couple erotic products, as the name suggests, refers to a kind of erotic products used by couples for sexual harmony and pleasure, the essence of which is to increase the pleasure, harmony and eroticism of sexual intercourse between couples, such as simulation equipment,vibratir for women erotic underwear and so on.

When it comes to Chinese condoms, we can think of a lot of brands, the most famous when Durex, Jieshou Bang, Okamoto, these companies international brands, especially for Durex, its marketing pervasive, with humor, connotation is famous, by all of us is a pleasure, but if we talk about the life of the erotic as well as the brand, it is difficult to say a few of their own, right?

On the one hand, it is because people think that talking about erotic products is vulgar or even pornographic behavior, and people around will not easily share such obscure things.

On the other hand, due to the strict regulation of the industry, there are many restrictions on advertising and marketing, and it can't be used as a bright and colorful advertisement like other popular consumer products.

But does this mean that the couples sex industry will always be restricted? That unicorns in this industry will never emerge?

The answer is no. Because China in recent years with the society of people's sexual concept of openness, sexual thoughts can be a great liberation, more and more countries of the acceptance of this business industry is very high, especially our contemporary young people. According to the relevant information data for display: young people accept the degree of erotic products has reached 93%, which means that China's husband and wife gender products industry market is walking on the bright road.

In addition, the booming development of e-commerce also provides a broader platform and possibility for the explosive growth of couples' erotic products. In the past, because of the sense of shame, people would not walk into the store to buy them even if they needed and desired them.hands free clit massager Now, the situation is different. All we need is a cell phone and we can buy products that suit us with impunity.

But then again, although the sexual environment in our country is much better than before, it is still an elementary school student compared to Europe and America. In developed countries, every 10 families will have their own adult sex toys, but in China, the proportion is less than one in a thousand.

It is important to know that 70% of the world's erotic toys originated in China, but at present our adult erotic toys utilization rate is much lower than that of developed countries in Europe and the United States.

For a couple of sex toys or adult sex toys, this is an opportunity. There is no doubt that this market is huge, the demand is huge and will be even bigger in the future.

Currently in this industry, the more capital market is optimistic about the old erotic as well as brands like Night Cherry, Mystique these, there is no lack of some adults sugar, super bird these different industry development of new forces. To my more than ten years engaged in China's adult life erotic products experience data point of view, I am most optimistic about the night cherry.

This brand has been established for more than 10 years and has been trying to progress while remaining stable.remote controlled vibrators In the past few years, it has suddenly raised its horsepower and taken other competitors by surprise at lightning speed, sweeping the adult sex market with its innovative products and young people's aesthetic functional experience, reaping a large number of young players and veteran drivers.

What's more, Night Cherry's Internet+ model has developed rapidly in recent years, and the combination of adult products and communication communities has been out of this world, making erotic products not only products, but also a link between young people and community exchanges, which is deeply loved by young people.

And for several consecutive years in Tmall double eleven, jingdong 618 and other large e-commerce festival all the way through the thorns, repeatedly won the adult pornography industry sales champion throne, the potential to rise.

So I think, as long as the night cherry do their own thing, perfect their own Internet + mode, even if it can not become a "unicorn", its spring is not far away.


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