How to buy a car vacuum cleanerHow to buy a car vacuum cleaner


If the seat cushions and other wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner parts of the car are not cleaned for a long time, it will have a bad impact on my physical and mental health, to deal with this pollution problem faster, you need to use the car vacuum cleaner. So what is the basic knowledge of car vacuum cleaner purchase? What are the common problems with car vacuum cleaner application? The following author will take you to master it!

A, the car vacuum cleaner purchase basic common sense
1, car vacuum cleaner gateway payment processing adsorption force
If the adsorption force is too small to have the actual effect of dust removal, it is not useful to buy a car vacuum cleaner. The role of speed is to adjust the output of the engine, if you must adsorption force is not large, speed can help you save electricity, and new engine, with the least speed to start, beneficial to maintain the engine.
Car vacuum cleaner purchase basic common sense
2、Car vacuum cleaner filtration device
This point we may not understand, car vacuum cleaner and filtration device has what relationship, in fact, not, vacuum machine adsorption relies on the motor rotation generated adsorption, and then the dust and waste will be sucked into the dust collector box, the role of the consideration system is to protect the dust and waste in the dust box, do not let him drift with the wind out, but now on the market many filter device selection is all filters, the waste is likely to be unable to run out. It is very likely that the waste will not be able to escape, but the dust will not be protected and will crawl out from the gap. Therefore, we need to buy vacuum cleaners with filtration devices, such as those with HEPA filtration devices, which are generally used in handheld vacuum cleaners, which are internationally recognized high-efficiency filtration materials, first used in nuclear technology scientific research and safety protection, and nowadays many are used in high-precision laboratories.
3, car vacuum cleaner output power
Look at the output power of the vacuum cleaner, generally this small-scale car vacuum cleaner output power are relatively low, in the purchase of small and medium-sized car vacuum cleaner, it is best to use the output power in 800W up and down goods, this output power should be sufficient to deal with the general car box cleaning, no need to intentionally choose the power of large.

Second, car vacuum cleaner use precautions
1、Before using the bluetooth earbuds vacuum cleaner, we should check whether the fuse of the switching power supply is able to support the opening of the vacuum cleaner and the electric flow of the operation. (The general product manual shows these aspects.)
2, turn off the vacuum machine power main switch, plug the power cord into the vehicle cigarette lighter socket, first to start the car, restart the vacuum machine power main switch, gradually practical operation application.
3、When the dust does a certain degree or the application is over need to do the removal, lightly press the snap on the dust cover to open the dust cover to eliminate the dirt.
4、When using the car vacuum cleaner to remove dust put on the mask, because the application of car vacuum cleaner is very easy to cause dust blowing, customers can easily suck in the blowing floating dust. It is forbidden to put hands or feet under the suction port when using to prevent danger.


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