What is SEO? What exactly does SEO do?

google seo

What does SEO do? What does Search Engine Optimization do? Many of thesegoogle seo questions are directed at people who know very little about search engine optimization. They often hear that SEO is SEO.

They think it's both amazing and curious. Others who don't know much about SEO may have rumors that SEO is an unskilled job, like writing articles and posting external links every day.

Yes, as an google SEO you do not exactly deny that your daily management staff is basically writing articles, but please do not create a misunderstanding about SEO. imagine carrying out who says SEO is about students writing articles and sending out links, how much do people life really know about SEO?

In fact, SEO is a much more complex and complicated job, simply put, but successfully optimize the home page of a website, only those who really optimize a lot of websites know the process, unless you have not run a website optimization and promotion independently.

Doing a good job of website search engine optimization will involve the construction of a website layout and website brand positioning. If search engine optimization is so simple, why can't there be so many websites doing hundreds of Baidu homepages.

Search engines reject SEO, and SEO. as long as we do SEO, some rules are still very feasible. How to do it is the skill of SEO.

In addition, common sense is common sense, search engines are the only SEO, but can be excluded does not mean that we need to ourselves can not in order to make our site more popular search engines in a certain time frame for students, how to effectively avoid search engine rejection, this is a necessary skill!

We write an article that caters to search engines, but in the end, let the user see. All you can say is that spam articles written for SEO are out of date.

There is no doubt about the importance of this article being not only original, but also valuable. Value. Writing an article really needs to help the user.

For outbound links, I don't like to go there. There are some differences between outbound links and outbound links. I think outbound links are just for seo and promotion is for promoting internet marketing.

Of course, you can say that we are for one thing, but think about the difference has a lot. Because if it is through an outbound link, the marketing atmosphere impact is not too heavy. How to achieve real help student users is the best outbound links, a good outbound link more than a hundred.

In short, SEO needs to ensure that the details and persistence, many times the work of SEO is very slow, but as long as we persevere, we will definitely succeed!




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