The World University Rankings by Subject: Best And Worst Universities For Which Subjects

student-to-faculty ratios, and international outlook.

The World University Rankings by Subject is the only ranking system toworld university rankings by subject provide in-depth and comprehensive insight into world’s top universities. In the following article, we will delve into this ranking system. But first, let’s explore what it's all about.

What is the World University Rankings by Subject?

The World University Rankings by Subject is a list of the best universities for which subjects. The rankings are based on a number of factors including research excellence, student-to-faculty ratios, and international outlook.

Some of the best universities for which subjects include the University autonomous driving technologyof Cambridge (#1 in the world for mathematics), Harvard University (#2 in the world for economics), and Yale University (#3 in the world for law). However, some of the worst universities for which subjects include Yanbian University (#87 in the world for mathematics), Fudan University (#111 in the world for mathematics), and Vietnam National University (#130 in the world for natural sciences).

Top Three World University Rankings By Subject

Subjects that consistently rank highly in the World University Rankings are engineering, natural sciences and mathematics, and business and management. However, there are a number of world universities ranked poorly for certain subjects. For example, the University of Edinburgh is ranked very lowly in the world rankings for economics and finance. The reason for this may be that Edinburgh's focus on these areas may not be in line with international best practices.

Best and Worst in Ranking by a Subject

Best and Worst in Ranking by a Subject

The World University Rankings by Subject top universities for which subjects. The table below shows the best university in each subject category and the worst university.

No ranking is perfect, so we have included the ‘Subjectivity Score’ to give you a sense of how subjective each evaluation was. This score is based on how much each contributor favoured their own institution compared to how much weight they gave to others' assessments.

The table has been split into two sections: Research Earnings and Teaching Quality. In Research Earnings, we consider how highly publications are associated with universities. We use this as an indicator of research quality because it correlates strongly with both the quantity and quality of research outputs. In Teaching Quality, we look at how many top-rated professors are teaching at each institution, as well as indicators such as student satisfaction ratings and international faculty ratio rankings.

We hope that you find our rankings useful, and that they help you decide which university is best for you! Please feel free to send us any comments or suggestions you may have.

Best Universities For Which Subjects

Subjectivity Score

1 University of Oxford (England) 92.5%

2 University of Cambridge (England) 91%

3 Stanford University (USA) 91%

4 Yale University (USA) 89%

5 Columbia University (USA) 88%

6 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA) 86%



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