These are the things you should know about washbasins and mop sinks for balcony decoration.

so a sink is much more

When it comes to the balcony, if the space isn't too cramped, the decoration gods can turn it into a study, a relaxing area, or even a small bedroom. So, if the balcony area is relatively small, how do we decorate it to make this space more manageable? On this subject, the electric mop cordless electric spin mopQinzhou decoration network of the small can offer you two options: washbasin or mop pool, the specific matter depending on individual preferences.

A, the advantages of putting in a small balcony sink

1. washing one's hands

There are multiple washbasins and places to wash hands. More people open meal will not have to run to the bathroom, kitchen hand washing; in addition, if there are children at home, small hands play dirty, a hand washing in the balcony is convenient, the second adults through the balcony door can see, convenient to take into account.

2. Washing intimate apparel

People are becoming more health-conscious, so intimate clothing will be washed separately from other dirty clothes to avoid bacterial infections, so a sink is much more convenient, intimate clothing washed can be directly thrown into the washing machine dehydration drying, if the sink has its own scrubbing board, it is more perfect. Perhaps some people are used to showering after using the restroom to wash intimate apparel, which is fine in the winter, but in the summer, I prefer to wash on the balcony, which is cool.

3. rags for washing

Usually, after sanitation, I feel most comfortable washing rags in the balcony sink. Standing cleaning can, no need to bend a waist in the short mop pool to wash, reduces waist burden. After washing and wringing it out, you can dry it on the balcony, which is both sanitary and convenient.

4. Flower watering

A washbasin to catch water to water the flowers is very convenient on the balcony of flowers best electric steam mopand plants. Of course, this function of watering flowers and mopping the sink can be met as well.

5. Fruit washing

If you don't want to run to the kitchen to wash fruit, you can wash it in the balcony sink. During the summer, washing can also be done on the balcony while enjoying the fruits and the cool breeze and the beautiful night scenery.

6.Brush your teeth.

Get up in the morning to brush your teeth, and if the bathroom is occupied, you can brush your teeth and wash your face on the balcony, especially if you are late for work. Of course, the average home will have two or more bathrooms, so this function is optional; it is based on personal preference.

Second, consider the advantages of installing a small balcony mop pool.

1. clean mop

The main purpose of the mop pool, as the name implies, is to wash the mop. Home hygiene is something that should be practiced almost every day, so that after the health can get the mop mop pool to wash, wash, and can be directly dried on the balcony, both to keep the mop clean (cool) and to effectively reduce the breeding of bacteria.

2. Clean the carpet

If your carpet is filthy, you can soak it in a mop pool and then clean it, making it much easier to clean. electric mop vs steam mopIf you wash in the bathroom, you will not only need a large basin to soak in, but the bathroom floor will be dirty, so cleaning the carpet to wash the bathroom will be less tiring.

3. Other (including hand washing, washing rags, watering flowers, etc.)

Although these functions can be performed in the same manner as the sink, because the height of the mop pool is low, you will be relatively tired each time you bend over to operate!


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These are the things you should know about washbasins and mop sinks for balcony decoration.

When it comes to the balcony, if the space isn t too cramped, the decoration gods can turn it into a study, a relaxing area, or even a small bedroom. So, if the...



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