How to be happy doing housework


I don't think many people like doing housework, but for everyone with a family, it is an objective reality that cannot be avoided. If you don't do it, you can't do it, but it's a real headache for many families.

Especially for young people who have just started a family, they are immersed in the sweet love, for doing housework, conflicts abound, affecting each other's pleasure, and even some of them have gone to the extent of divorce and breakup. The more victorious, due to the middle of the lingering chores, become afraid of marriage.

The first step. Pass the psychological barrier. That is to avoid not to go, then we have to face it. As long as you take out the courage of knowing that there is a tiger on the mountain, you will definitely be able to move this stumbling block... Once the resistance has been resolved and the psychological hurdle has been overcome, the next step is to do the right thing. There are always more ways than difficulties.

The second step is to find a way. Many people have a headache with housework because they have not found the problem. They always feel that housework is a bottomless pit, endless, and the more they do it, the more irritable and annoying it becomes. Here, it is important to make a list of all the chores that need to be done, regardless small portable vacuum cleaner of size and time, and you will have solved half of the problem.

Step three: project management. There are so many lists, it's hard to see how to start! Categorisation, categorisation, categorisation. The important thing is to say it three times.

Make a chart, commonly a bar chart, a bar graph, a tree chart, etc., and sort them out by type and time.

For example, there are several categories: clean up, shop, place, kitchen, clean up, children in the house, guidance, etc. By time, you can divide them into daily, monthly, quarterly, yearly, and then step by step down until all the chores listed fit in. With a chart in hand, you can see the breakdown of chores at a glance. The time and energy spent on housework will be greatly reduced and the efficiency greatly increased.

Step 4: Divide the work. This last step must not be missing, as disputes arise from this. The rules of the game must be set out beforehand. How?

Some people have to take on the financial burden of the family, others are more flexible, some are interested in cooking, some are good at tidying up, and so on. If you have children, you can also let them participate in a moderate way, so that they know how hard it is for their parents to raise them, and that they can develop the habit of being alone and diligent from an early age. In short, master a principle, home is common, both sides have to fulfill their obligations, can have focus, but have to do.

The fifth step is to assist with supplies. Having the above four steps, this step, which can be done according to personal preference, is not the first choice.

If both sides are very busy, and can not squeeze time and energy, you can slightly add some good supplies, such as sweepers, dishwashers, etc., but must not greedy more, some seem to be good, cheap, some a buy home, the results have not been used once, set aside and also stained with dust, taking up space.


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How to be happy doing housework

I don t think many people like doing housework, but for everyone with a family, it is an objective reality that cannot be avoided. If you don t do it, you can t...

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