Range hood recommendations are not better than more power

Range hood recommendations are not better than more power

Smoke problems have always been a problem for most families, whether it is a large household or a small kitchen, a proper range hood is very important for your health and the health of your family and the cleanliness of your indoor air. Although it is important to pay attention to the performance parameters when buying a range hood, it is not recommended that the higher the power is, the better it is. Some people still think that a more powerful range hood must have strong suction power, but in fact, high negative pressure and even distribution will make the smoking effect better.

Range hood recommendations are not only about performance

Friends who do not know the market, may be in the range hood recommendation issue, mainly concerned about the performance parameters of the product, for example, like high-powered products, or excessive belief in the top suction range hood. In fact, the choice of a suitable range hood, should first be considered from the use of habits and kitchen size, design and other aspects. For example, if you have a large home or open kitchen, you can choose a range hood with stronger suction power, which is usually larger in size. In contrast, small units can choose side hoods, which are small and easy to install.

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Range hoods are recommended to be installed in the right place

In addition to recommending suitable products, range hoods should also be installed in a reasonable place, usually near the cooking stove, usually directly above it, and any deviation will affect the suction effect. In addition, range hoods are recommended to have humanized additional features, such as some range hoods with a delayed shut-off function, that is, after the user has finished cooking, the range hood will still work for a longer period of time until the residual grease smoke is removed from the room.

Range hoods should be recommended at a reasonable price

There are many range hoods available in Hong Kong at different prices, but the more expensive they are, the more they are worth buying. Rather, the combination of their own use requirements, the size of the kitchen and several other factors to consider. Therefore, range hoods are recommended to choose a reasonably priced product, rather than the pursuit of high prices of products, should pay attention to this issue when choosing.


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