Development and procurement of unmanned forklifts

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With the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of various industries in recent years, unmanned forklift trucks, a type of intelligent industrial vehicle robot, have increasingly been applied to enterprises. With the new crown epidemic accelerating this trend, unmanned forklifts are subsequently expected to grow rapidly and have a broad market opportunity.

To give enterprises an understanding of how to import unmanned forklift trucks, the reporter of Logistics Technology New Media "Logistics Man Vision" recently interviewed Mr. Expert, vice president of marketing at Future Robot (Shenzhen) Limited, a leading company in the field of unmanned forklift trucks. Mr. Xie's insights provide an in-depth understanding of the technical advantages and market applications of unmanned forklift for enterprises.

Future Robot (Shenzhen) Co. Vice President of Marketing


How do unmanned forklifts differ from traditional forklifts?

A kind of intelligent industrial vehicle robot that integrates forklift robotic forklifttechnology and AGV technology is known as unmanned forklift. It has outstanding features such as cost saving, intelligence, safety, and flexibility. By using unmanned forklift in the process of logistics operation, it can effectively solve the problems of high material flow and high labor intensity of manual handling.

(1) It mainly reduces labor cost. In the field of logistics, enterprises often calculate such an account: it only costs tens of thousands of yuan to buy an ordinary manual forklift, but hundreds of thousands of yuan to buy an unmanned forklift. But a manual forklift requires manual labor, and the driver of a high forklift type needs to be licensed and have a long training cycle, and if the "old man" leaves after training, the "new man" will have to go through another round of training after joining, which does not include the workers' salary to be paid. A more serious problem is that even with "high salary", it is not always possible to recruit people. The unmanned forklift is equipped with a powerful central control scheduling system, which can carry out handling in the set channel route according to task instructions without manual intervention, and it adopts automatic charging function and can operate 24 hours a day. It greatly improves the working efficiency and reduces the input of personnel.

(2) With the development and increasing maturity of new technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence and digital twin,the unmanned forklift can integrate advanced technologies such as laser + vision navigation and perception, multi-axis real-time motion planning, high-precision vision servo control, etc. This can quickly connect with existing business processes without the need to transform the environment and meet the unmanned handling in complex scenes. Meanwhile,the unmanned forklift can realize multi-vehicle task scheduling and path planning to improve overall logistics efficiency without reducing multi-vehicle running speed and without collision and congestion of vehicles.

The safety of unmanned forklifts is generally believed to be superior to that of traditional forklifts operated by human. They are equipped with multiple protection devices such as emergency contact alarm button, sound and light wave alarm, laser sensor, etc., which can completely avoid personnel injury and damage to the warehouse. In addition, their ability of independent path planning, obstacle identification and obstacle avoidance, can completely avoid personnel injury and damage to the warehouse. This significantly reduces the accident rate.

A forklift with an unmanned driver can be used in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments, respond flexibly to light changes, replace manual operation in high-risk working environments, such as those with high levels of pollution and noise interference, and meet the needs of different industries and users.

The unmanned forklift truck handling efficiency is still not as good as that of manually driven forklift trucks when viewed from a single vehicle perspective. This point still needs further development.



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