8 cleaning tips, easy to save hundreds of dollars a year!


It turns out that there are so many small tricks for home cleaning, you can easily get it done yourself!

1. Toothpaste cleaning refrigerator shell

Refrigerator shell on the general dirt, you can use a soft cloth dipped in a little toothpaste slowly wipe. If the stains are particularly difficult to clean, it is recommended to choose the toothpaste used at home,kitchen sponge price apply it to the stains, and use a rag to clean it repeatedly until it is clean.

2. Clean up the hair on the floor

Set a clean plastic bag on the broom, you can easily adsorb some of the fine dust and falling hair, after sweeping, remove the plastic bag, broom such as just bought themselves as a clean as new.

3. Sweeping how not to bring up the dust

Because the tea can adsorb dust, so when cleaning the room dust, you can first sprinkle some brewed tea, and then sweep with a broom, it will be easier and easier. Remember, wet tea leaves are better than dry ones.

Then mop the floor clean, in order to ensure that the floor is clean, no water stains after mopping, it is recommended that it is best to mop twice, a wet mop, a dry mop.

4. Lemon to get rid of faucet water stains

Buy a fresh lemon can be cut in half, and then use a cut surface to align the faucet stains more than a few times, and then use their own clean rags to use cleaning, faucet water stains easily and effectively removed.

5. Toilet paper cleaning tiles

When the tiles with heavy grease, you can attach toilet paper or paper towels to the tile cover, spray the cleaner and leave it for a while, so that the cleaner will not drip everywhere, and the grease will all float up.

Simply remove the toilet paper and wipe once or twice with a clean cloth dipped in water. As for the stubborn dirt that can't be removed, you can use a tile brush to brush it back and forth a few times.

6. Use white vinegar to remove limescale

As long as the limescale appears, the limescale is actually clean and does not require the use of washing products.

Put white vinegar in a small spray bottle and spray it on mirrors, faucets and other places. After spraying the white vinegar, wipe the area with a fish scale rag, and with a light touch, all the scale disappears.

7. Baking soda to wipe the bottom of the pot

The bottom of the pot after a period of time we all lead to the problem of blackening and yellowing, do not use steel wool to clean!

Apply baking soda evenly to the bottom of the pan, add some warm water and baking soda mix, and then wipe the bottom of the pan back and forth with a clean paper towel.

After a few wipes, the yellow and black stains on the bottom of the pan began to come off. Cleaning with baking soda once may not be effective. You can continue cleaning with baking soda the second time. If you feel the effect is not good, you can add some large grains of salt.

8. Microwave cleaning

Use the microwave oven to heat food, grease stains will inevitably splash on the wall, cleaned with detergent, afraid of residue!

Try lemon, slice lemon, put it into a microwaveable bowl, add 4~5 tablespoons of vinegar, fill it with water, put the bowl into the microwave, turn on high for 5-10 minutes, remove it, and wipe off the grease stains in the microwave easily with a clean wet rag!

Learn these tips can easily save hundreds of dollars, and then encounter these cleaning problems, their own children at home can also be dealt with, no longer need to hire a housekeeping aunt!


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