Rich in natural DHA, often eaten to help children's intellectual development


We often hear the term DHA, but do not know what the role of DHA, also thought in the milk powder content is higher. In fact, DHA can help your baby's brain, DHA is also known as "brain gold" and "smart factor", which shows its important role in your baby's intellectual development. Children who often eat fish, their IQ is generally higher than children who often eat meat, which is mainly due to the fish in the rich DHA.dha certification DHA in the promotion of brain cell development, stimulate the brain nerve fiber extension, increase brain capacity, enhance brain acuity and other aspects of the efficacy of the outstanding. In fact, in addition to replenishing the brain, DHA has other benefits for children's physical development. In addition to replenishing the brain, DHA also helps to improve eyesight and enhance children's immunity.

There are many ingredients in our daily life that contain DHA and are suitable for babies.


Fish with high DHA content include tuna, bonito, salmon, mackerel, sardines, mackerel, swordfish, tuna, yellowtail, swordfish, eel, striped bass, crucian carp and so on. The amount of DHA per 100 grams of fish can be upwards of 1,000 milligrams. For a particular type of fish, the part with the highest DHA content is the fat of the eye socket, followed by fish oil.sialic acid market

Breast milk

Colostrum is particularly rich in DHA. However, the amount of DHA in the mother's milk depends on the food composition of the three meals. If the mother eats more fish, then the corresponding amount of DHA in breast milk is much ingredients asia

Dried fruits

Although dry fruits such as walnuts, almonds, peanuts and sesame seeds do not directly contain DHA, the rich alpha-linolenic acid contained therein can be converted into DHA in the human body, so dry fruits are also an important food source for babies to obtain DHA.

Rare Vegetable Oil

Various production of edible oils, olive oil, walnut oil, flax oil, China Bama flax oil, the original growth in the South American Andes (Andres) mountain range in the rainforest region of South America oil vine star oil vine oil contains essential fatty acids a-linolenic acid, ω3 at most, ω3 in the body can be derived from DHA in trace quantities.


Currently, many DHA products are extracted from algae, which is a very rich source of DHA. If your baby has already added complementary food, you can pay attention to your baby to eat more algae food.

Sea Cucumber

Sea cucumber contains two kinds of omega-polyunsaturated fatty acids (EPA and DHA). Sea cucumber is rich in nutrients and DHA is one of them.

Egg yolk

It belongs to lecithin-type DHA, which is an organic combination of lecithin and DHA, and is rich in lecithin, protein, various vitamins and trace elements. Egg yolk is very easy to digest and absorb, no chemical residue, no heavy metal pollution, very suitable for pregnant babies and children.

After reading the above introduction, mothers should know the importance of DHA to the development of the baby, so mothers must pay attention to the baby to supplement enough DHA to ensure the normal development of the baby. Give your child more fish in general. The intelligence and other abilities of babies who love to eat fish are relatively higher than those who don't eat fish, so eating more of this kind of food is beneficial to children!


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Rich in natural DHA, often eaten to help children's intellectual development

We often hear the term DHA, but do not know what the role of DHA, also thought in the milk powder content is higher. In fact, DHA can help your baby s brain, DH...

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