Excel data encryption and protection methods: worksheet and workbook protection, and modify permission settings

Worksheet Protection

Excel data production is complete, to protect the worksheet data from being modified, you can set Excel data protection to ensure the accuracy of the data.convert word to pdf with embedded excel files Now share two ways to set data protection.

Method 1:Worksheet Protection

Here the limitations of editing is divided into two teaching methods, respectively, to protect the management of the worksheet, protect their workbook. The two development methods are responsible for the region is also different, but they can be set up to study the method is almost the same, we first look together to see how to pass the setup, and then talk to you about the difference between the two mutual information function.

Click the excel toolbar "review". In the protection module, we can see two function buttons: protect worksheet and protect workbook.jpg to pdf converter and combine Click them and enter the password to complete the encryption.

However, there is a difference between Protect Sheet and Protect Workbook as follows.

Protect Sheet protects the data content of the worksheet, i.e., the data in the cells. When we set Protect Sheet, most of the functions in the Excel function bar are not available.

Protect the workbook is to protect the entire worksheet, that is, we can edit the cell, but can not edit the properties of the worksheet, such as deleting, moving, copying, renaming the worksheet.

Excel set restrictions on editing, in the open excel file is not any other one of the prompts, we teachers can manage the contents of the file management through the view, but the enterprise can see for themselves the editing system function bar in most of the buttons are grayed out.word to pdf converter online free i love pdf This means that important documents are set to limit editing.


Both Worksheet Protection and Workbook Protection are password protected, so if we want to remove the protection, we need to enter the password.

If we forget the password, we can try more passwords that we have used or we can use tools to help us solve the problem.

Forget to protect the worksheet, protect the workbook password, choose to use the unlimited password function, no password when a key to remove the password

Method 2: Modify permissions

Next is the last method to set password for excel. Its function is similar to the restriction of editing, just set up in a different way, there are ways to solve the problem of forgetting the password in time. Let's see how to set it.

Save the file as, in the choice to save the development path of the interface, we are not in a hurry to save, click on the bottom of the tool through the button, select the use of general management options

Then, we choose to change the permissions in the input box after the password to be set. Click "OK" to save the file.

When you open a file with modified permissions, you will be prompted to enter the password if you want to edit the file, otherwise it will enter read-only mode. In fact, you can edit the file even if it is in read-only mode. We just need to rename the file and save it in a new path to get the edited file, but the protected file still exists.


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