There are two super-practical ways to compress PDF files if they are too large

There are two super-practical ways to compress PDF files if they are too large

There are two super-practical ways to compress PDF files if they are too large

PDF electronic documents are very popular nowadays, convert word to pdf without losing formatting especially e-books, which almost all are in PDF format. In general, e-books have a large number of pages, so the PDFs are also very large, making them difficult to use and circulate. Can the PDF size be compressed?

To begin with, the simplest and most direct method is to compress PDF files, online pdf converter merge compress but it is usually necessary to compress PDF files more than 100 megabytes, many picture versions of e-books even hundreds of megabytes, and most tools do not have the ability to handle large files. We can use PDFasset‘s PDF compression function to compress large PDF files.

In order to use PDFasset's PDF compression feature, pdf to word converter free download for windows 7 we do not need to download or install software. We simply search and open the PDFasset homepage. In PDFasset PDF, there are no limits on the document size, and hundreds of megabytes of documents can be compressed directly.

Go to the action page after selecting the PDF compression feature on the PDF tool's menu.

You just need to add the PDF document to be compressed based on the prompts on the page, click OK to convert it, and then click the download link.

The higher the DPI, the larger the PDF. Lossless compression algorithms are often used to compress PDFs, but the more compressed the pages, the less clear they become.

Using PDFasset's PDF page segmentation and extraction function, we can extract and save the required PDF pages separately, minimizing the size of the PDF document.

Select the PDF page segmentation function from the PDF tool's menu and enter the action page.

Click OK to convert the PDF page, select the starting and ending page numbers, and wait for the download to finish.

The two methods above are the easiest and most convenient ways to reduce the size of a PDF document. If they work for you, try them out.


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