20-minute walking improves memory as much as caffeine in a cup of coffee

20-minute walking improves memory as much as caffeine in a cup of coffee

According to a study by Western University of Canada, aerobic exercise improves working memory to the same extent as caffeine.... >

Caffeine is known to be effective in improving memory, but the improvement of "working memory (WM)" that temporarily stores and processes information necessary for work and operation has the same effect as caffeine in short periods of aerobic exercise.

Aerobic exercise improves working memory as much as caffeine

Researchers at the Western University of Canada compared the effects of caffeine and aerobic exercise on working memory. According to a research paper published in Scientific Reports on December 23, 2019, aerobic exercise not only improves working memory to the same extent as caffeine but also reduces withdrawal symptoms of caffeine.

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The authors compared healthy adults to a 20-minute walk on a running machine as a medium-intensity aerobic exercise and how it would affect their working memory when they consumed caffeine equivalent to a cup of caffeine in a cup of coffee. As a result, aerobic exercise, as good as caffeine, whether or not you take caffeine regularly, was found to improve the working memory.

Reduces withdrawal symptoms of caffeine, such as fatigue and depression

The authors also analyzed how aerobic exercise affects the symptoms of withdrawal of caffeine and work memory during withdrawal of caffeine. The intake of caffeine was prohibited for 12 hours in subjects who regularly consumed caffeine, and when tests were performed on the withdrawal symptoms and working memory of caffeine, withdrawal symptoms such as headache, fatigue, and irritation were observed, but the effect on working memory was not observed. After the test, when the subject was walked for 20 minutes in a running machine, withdrawal symptoms of caffeine, such as fatigue and mood depression is reduced, work memory was also maintained as it is.

Although the mechanism by which aerobic exercise leads to improvement of working memory and reduction of withdrawal symptoms of caffeine has not yet been elucidated, and improvement of blood flow of the brain by aerobic exercise, generation and growth of nerve cells, secretion of "brain-derived neuropathic factor (BDNF)" to promote such regeneration, secretion of hormones such as dopamine and adrenaline is believed to play some role.

According to a series of research results, to avoid the "side effects" of caffeine, as a means of enhancing the working memory, it can be said that a short period of aerobic exercise is effective. The aerobic exercise, weight loss, and physical fitness improvement, such as improvement of cardiopulmonary function, various other effects are expected. Why don't you take advantage of your lunch break and get into the habit of walking?

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