Analysis of PCB four products and future growth

Analysis of PCB four products and future growth

PCB product diversification. From the perspective of output value distribution, pcb stackup calculator PCB mainly includes soft board, multi-layer board, HDI and IC carrier board.

Flexible board

Printed circuit boards made of flexible insulating materials such as polyimide or polyester film can be bent, 1 oz vs 2 oz wound and folded, and can be moved and unfolded in three dimensions according to the internal space of electronic products to realize the assembly and connection of electronic components.

Soft board is widely used, and downstream terminal products mainly include high-end consumer electronics such as smart phones, tablets, PCS, and wearable devices.

With the development of electronic products to light, thin, short, small, multi-purpose direction, FPC market share is rising, of which mobile phones account for about 33% of the FPC market. Due to the development of 5G communication and the intelligentization of consumer electronics, the FPC market has the opportunity to expand further.

In 2018, the global softboard output value was $12.395 billion, accounting for 20% of the global PCB output value. Prismark forecasts that the global output value of soft boards will reach $14.231 billion in 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of 2.8%.

Multilayer board

A multilayer board is a PCB with four or more conductive patterns. In order to increase the wiring area, the multi-layer panel adopts single-sided or double-sided wiring board.

In order to draw out the printed wires sandwiched in the middle of the insulating substrate, the through-holes of the mounting elements on the multilayer board are metallized to connect them to the printed wires sandwiched in the insulating substrate.

The number of layers of the board means that there are several independent wiring layers, usually an even number of layers, and contains the outermost two layers. With the development of light, thin, short and small electronic products becoming increasingly obvious, the demand for PCB boards has gradually developed to high-level, and the top number of multi-layer boards has reached more than 60 layers.

According to the number of layers, the multi-layer board can be divided into low middle layer board and high middle layer board. Medium and low level circuit boards generally refer to 4-6 layers of PCB, mainly used in consumer electronics, PC, NB, automotive electronics and other fields. Advanced circuit board refers to more than 8 layers of PCB, which can be used in communication equipment, advanced servers, industrial control, medical, military and other fields.

At present, the multi-layer board market is still dominated by middle and low grade boards, accounting for 63%. However, Prismark predicts that the future growth rate of high-rise board output value will be higher than that of mid-to-low-rise board, and the compound annual growth rate will reach 5% in 2018-2023.


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