Domestic shipping companies and their services


With the growing domestic trade, domestic trade and maritime transport as one of the main means of transportation of goods, its development is becoming more and more sophisticated.transportation calculation Domestic maritime trade relies mainly on domestic coastal cities and inland waterway shipping networks to build a nationwide network of maritime services. This network not only promotes inter-regional trade, but also increases the volume of trade, making maritime transportation an indispensable mode of transportation. In addition, the foreign trade shipping business will be expanded to ports all over the world, providing full container transportation, LCL transportation and other specialized maritime services to provide comprehensive maritime logistics solutions for the demand side.

Calculation of Domestic Shipping Costs

The cost calculation of domestic shipping involves a variety of transportation modes, including container liner transportation, bulk cargo transportation and large equipment transportation. For container shipping, costs are usually calculated based on the type of container, such as 20-foot containers and 40-foot containers, with different prices for different sizes of containers. The cost of shipping bulk cargo by sea is calculated based on the tonnage or volume of the cargo. As for the transportation of large equipment, it is usually charged on a full vessel charter basis.

Overview of domestic sea transportation companies

In China, a large number of domestic shipping companies, such as Shanghai Jiao Hang, COSCO Sea, Antong, China Valley, COFCO, etc., as well as for some enterprises specialists engaged in specific transport work tasks of the fleet and individual shipping companies constitute the main body of the domestic maritime transport. The main routes and service research content of each maritime transportation company have different impacts, therefore, when choosing to carry out cooperative learning partners, we need to analyze and understand in detail the shipping situation of each insurance company and service industry characteristics.

Components of maritime transportation costs

Costs incurred during sea transportation include terminal fees, shipping company fees, freight forwarder fees, inspection/customs brokerage fees and fleet transportation fees. Export transportation costs may include sea freight, land freight, container loading, port and miscellaneous charges, terminal operations, inspection fees, customs clearance fees, stamp fees, equipment delivery fees, documentation fees, inspection fees and agent operating fees. Depending on the route, shipping companies may also charge surcharges.

Ranking and Evaluation of Domestic Shipping Companies

As a global industry, the maritime industry is of great importance to the economic development of coastal countries and regions. Therefore, many coastal countries and cities are actively constructing terminals and dredging waterways to gain a larger market share. There are two main modes of operation for marine transportation vessels: self-chartering and chartering, of which chartering can be divided into time chartering, voyage chartering and chartering, and each mode of operation has its specific operating conditions and requirements.

Domestic Maritime Transportation Fee Inquiry

In maritime trade, it is very important for exporters to choose the right type of container and the way of packing the goods, which directly affects the freight rate.Intra Asia Routes The choice of a 20-foot container or a 40-foot container and the way the goods are loaded, unloaded and stacked in the container need to be carefully planned. Understanding and mastering this knowledge is of practical significance to effectively reduce shipping costs.


As an important working mode of China's domestic cargo transportation, the quality of service products and the ability to calculate costs are directly related to the efficiency and cost of trade. Understanding the service research content,pallet transport cost cost composition and management cost query analysis method of domestic trade shipping company has a very important factor role for an enterprise to optimize the logistics technology scheme and reduce the production cost control by choosing the right shipping service partner. At the same time, with the continuous innovation and development of the domestic maritime transport market, the competition between the employees of each maritime transport company will be more intense, which will further promote the improvement of the quality of maritime transport service projects and the rationalization of costs.


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