After the credit card statement is issued, if you put it in and then swipe it out, is it considered a repayment?


If I put it in and then swipe it out when I make a payment on my credit card, is the payment considered completed? Today, the editor will answer this question in detail for all card friends!

When repaying a credit card,min pay many people mistakenly think that they should repay it on the due date, but this is actually wrong. Our credit card repayments can be made immediately after the bill date comes out, instead of waiting until the final payment date.

Many people also think that after paying off their credit card on the same day, they can wait until the next month when the situation is difficult to use it for consumption.ofw quick cash loan online What is often embarrassing is that sometimes their wallets are tight when they go out to eat.

Can I spend money again after paying off my credit card?

After our credit card repayment is credited, the amount in it can still be used directly. Credit card repayment only shows the credit and not the debit.debt consolidation That is to say, when we pay back the money on the billing day or repayment date, then what we have consumed The bill is due next month.

For example, if your credit limit is 10,000, and your repayment after the bill comes out is 10,000, then if you still pay 10,000, the bank will count you as paying off the bill.

What's the point of doing this?

This kind of repayment operation has little principal pressure. Since the bill is paid off in the same month, no interest will be accrued and the credit will not be overdue.

Return to the theme of repayment on the repayment date, and then swipe it out to the bank to count your repayment operation as completed. However, there are certain risks in this operation, so please use it with caution.

We must know that every purchase made by our credit card is monitored by the bank. Although this operation can avoid overdue transactions, it is very taboo to operate the bank in this way frequently and continuously.

At the same time, the repayment is a large amount, and the withdrawal is also a large amount. This is a taboo in bank credit cards. Do you think the bank doesn't know what you are doing? The bank's backend system will recognize it, and you are just like the protagonist in the story of hiding something from others, thinking that others won't find out if you don't tell them.

The bank will also think that this kind of customer has a high debt ratio, and is too dependent on credit cards and has no basis for card consumption. They will take some measures to deal with it, such as reducing the limit, and in serious cases, they will block the card.

Therefore, you must not do anything that the bank does not like. If you want to be a high-quality customer of the bank, you must operate in a standardized manner, otherwise the final result will be predictable.


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