What are some bathroom decoration tips?

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The bathroom uses a relatively large amount of water, so its decoration must be very particular, with special attention to details, otherwise it will affect the quality of life in the future and also affect the relationship with the neighbors downstairs. Bathroom decoration should pay attention to safety and practicality,australia quartz and all as well as beauty and comfort. So, what are the bathroom decoration tips? What should you pay attention to when decorating your bathroom?

1. Make smart use of space

Generally, the bathroom space will be relatively small. If this small space is to be used wisely,shower wall panels perth the bathroom should be well remodeled and laid out. Even if some bathroom pipes are wrapped by the wall, they cannot remain in the same plane as the previous wall. At this time, this space can be put to good use and can be designed as a dressing table, which not only beautifies the bathroom, but is also very practical.

2. Break traditional boundaries

Some traditional bathroom decorations pay attention to the privacy of a space, but now the bathroom decoration pays more attention to the overall sense of the development space. People are more open and bold when decorating the bathroom,quartz benchtop brisbane and will use a whole piece of frosted glass or transparent glass for the bathroom door. It can be replaced, thus completely breaking the boundaries between traditional bathrooms and bedrooms in our country. This kind of decoration project design makes the bathroom environment more spacious and bright.

3. Make clever use of natural light

In some traditional bathroom decorations, in order to protect privacy, dark colors are used in the bathroom decoration, resulting in insufficient light. Nowadays, most bathrooms are decorated in an open plan so that there is plenty of natural light in the bathroom. If you place a mirror, the light can be reflected into the bedroom, and the visual effect of the bedroom will be better.

4. Uniform style

The decoration style of the bathroom can be unified with the decoration style of the bedroom, so that the bathroom and the bedroom can be integrated. The bathroom is cleverly placed in the bedroom without making people feel obtrusive, ensuring the privacy of the bathroom.

Things to note when decorating your bathroom

1. Water and electricity decoration must be professional

The bathroom's water and electricity decoration is very critical, because the bathroom is the place where water and electricity converge, and it is also a place that consumes a lot of water, so you must pay great attention to safety. Its water and electricity materials are of good quality and its water and electricity layout is reasonable. The switches, sockets and wires must be waterproof and moisture-proof.

2. Choose floor tiles and wall tiles

The floor tiles in the bathroom must choose floor tiles with anti-slip effect. When laying the floor tiles, the drainage slope should be considered so that water can flow into the floor drain normally. The choice of wall tiles should match the floor tiles and be waterproof. Such decoration will make the entire bathroom more harmonious and beautiful.

3. Ensure good ventilation and lighting

The bathroom decoration design must reserve a window to ensure ventilation and lighting. And to ensure fresh air in the bathroom, a fan can be installed at the exhaust outlet of the bathroom. Bathroom lights should be softer and preferably waterproof, so they are safer to use.


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