What the heck is an online claim?

global payment gateways

We often see some websites, especially global payment gateways shopping websites, indicate which online payment methods are supported. So what does it mean to get online? Online payment is relative to offline payment. Online payment refers to the way that third-party payment companies provide an interface between e-commerce websites and banks for payment. Third-party payment companies integrate the interfaces of most domestic banks. To pay, just click on the corresponding bank, and the payment can complete the transaction with the e-commerce website, which is safe and convenient.

We also mentioned earlier that online collection is relative to offline collection. Offline collection refers to the payment method that is indirectly transferred from one's own bank account to another bank account. Obviously, for e-commerce websites, online payment is much more convenient and faster than offline payment.

The following is not easy to understand, so let's explain it with an example. Such as domestic Alipay, Tenpay, Shuangqian payment, etc. are third-party payment companies, especially for shopping websites to provide online payment methods. If we buy something on a certain website, when it comes to the payment link, we need to choose how to pay. If it is Alipay, Tenpay or double payment as shown below, choosing one of them can jump to the payment page of these companies. We output the relevant account information for payment, and then jump back to the e-commerce website after paying. This method is online payment. If you are required to transfer the money to a designated bank account, this method is offline payment. Not to mention the trouble of offline payment, it also lacks security. With the rapid development of e-commerce, online payment is very important.

What are the features of the online collection gateway:

1. Convenience. The multi-bank interface makes it convenient for each bank cardholder to pay the seller at any time through the collection channel of the third-party collection platform.

2. Fast. Timely feedback of payment results to speed up the flow of merchants' funds.

3. Peace. The time required for the e-commerce website to process the online collection interface requires the ability to submit relevant verification information, which provides certain guarantees to the payer. Of course, this is also relative, and it does not rule out that there are cases where companies run away due to poor management, but such cases are rare.



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Directly and indirectly, Global Payments offers payment services to businesses by way of other financial institutions. Additionally, integrated payments, e-commerce, and omni-channel services are supported by its technology-enabled services.

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