The concerns of cross-border sellers using collection management tools to save costs

The concerns of cross-border sellers using collection management tools to save costs

As a cross-border e-commerce seller, there are many mainstream collection tools that can be used.

The advantages of different third-party collection tools are different, global payments credit card processing which has become the main driving force for cross-border e-commerce sellers to choose.

When choosing a third-party collection tool, the most important factors for cross-border e-commerce sellers to consider include collection rate, scale of aggregation loss, security of funds, speed of cash withdrawal, number of supported currencies, and payment company brand efficiency.

Third-party collection tools need to have a sound risk control system

Service providers with mature risk control systems can ensure the stability of their collection services and will not affect their core business due to certain unforeseen events.

For sellers, collection rates are part of their operating time costs, and high rates can cut into profits.

High rates can cut into margins and have a significant impact on product pricing, while fluctuating real-time exchange rates can also bring sellers the risk of exchange losses and increase their business development costs.

The ability of third-party collection companies to keep information secure is a strong protection for sellers and cross-border sellers of e-commerce.

For cross-border e-commerce sellers, on the one hand, to pay advertising costs, on the other hand, to pay procurement costs, cash flow has been relatively tight, so the return rate of funds is also the key to consider sellers.

In addition, the economic strength, currency support and flexibility of third-party mobile payment management tools are also factors for Chinese cross-border e-commerce sellers to consider.

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