What are the advantages and disadvantages of opening China UnionPay Express Pass?

china unionpay card

Cloud QuickPass is a payment management tool that can china unionpay card be launched by China UnionPay and various banks. Although the company has not launched it for a long time, due to the advantages of corporate preferential policies, the users who use the UnionPay payment are more and more more and more. So what are the advantages and disadvantages for users to activate Cloud QuickPass? Let’s learn more about the pros and cons of cloud flash payment for students.

First, open the advantages of cloud lightning payment

1. Powerful bank card management function

Cloud Flash Payment has a strong bank card management function, which can bind 10 bank cards at the same time, and directly realize card balance inquiry, payment, credit card bill inquiry and other functions through Cloud Flash Payment.

2. More promotions

China UnionPay Express Pass was launched late, and its market share is far less than that of WeChat and Alipay. In order to attract more users to use China UnionPay Express Pass, UnionPay has continuously launched various preferential activities. For example, consumer discounts in China UnionPay Express Mall, one-cent bus card discounts, and face-scanning payment discounts, etc.


The swiping rate of UnionPay POS machine is only 0.38%, and the preferential policies are quite strong, which also attracts many students with credit cards to allow users to use UnionPay. However, we also have different users who need to worry about whether frequent card swiping will be risk-controlled or even blocked by the bank.


The flash rate of 0.38% is subject to certain conditions, and only consumer merchants with a daily consumption of less than 1,000 yuan can enjoy the 0.38% discount. This merchant belongs to the standard category of merchants with a 0.6 rate, and is actually subsidized by UnionPay.


The 0.38% rate of UnionPay is itself a special offer launched by UnionPay, which aims to encourage users to use UnionPay in online and offline stores, so normal credit card consumption is not a problem.

2. Disadvantages of Flash Cloud

The payment function of China UnionPay Express is relatively complete, but there are few additional functions, such as the lack of financial management functions. The funds received by China UnionPay Express will be directly deposited into the bank card, and only the current interest of the bank can be enjoyed, and the income of the currency fund cannot be enjoyed like Alipay.



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