Choose the most critical 3 points of the payment channel, merchants quickly collect

Choose the most critical 3 points of the payment channel, merchants quickly collect

1. Channel security:

The security of merchant funds. The company's protection of the safety of merchants' funds, omnichannel payment processing the first factor that merchants should consider. The money is the bank settlement to the channel company, the channel company is the settlement to the merchant.

Channel companies are directly involved in the chain of merchants' funds, the integrity of the company is a very important aspect of the channel for merchants.

If the merchant's funds are not protected, the channel is meaningless. In choosing a collection agency, it is best to work with a legitimate payment company that has its own license.

2. Stability of the channel

The channel technology is not stable, there are no collection restrictions, can not be unimpeded collection. The channel often has problems to collect money, or collection management has obvious abnormalities, which has a great loss to the merchant.

Buyers do not pay successfully, there will be no transaction volume in. These problems, the merchant loss is not only the order more serious impact is also the loss of customer base. Said channel stability is also very important for merchants to find.

3. The success rate of the channel

A channel success rate of 60%-70%, another channel success rate of 90%-95%, then a hundred orders, the latter than the former received 20 or 30 orders, then the channel to create a profitable channel value play higher.

It is certain that the former will be more open and expensive, but for the long-term development of the merchant, this is not the main importance, if the quality of service of a channel is low success rate is not high, then the channel has no value to the merchant.

The key consideration for the channel is that you return when you return, then the channel is of value to you and the success rate is a direct factor in the value of the channel.

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