What are the early symptoms of mental retardation in children?


The best time to treat mental retardation is usually in infancy. If it can be found at this time, the treatment is very promising, and it can be improved step by step the day after tomorrow. Many mentally retarded patients do not see a doctor for years because they do not seize the opportunity for treatment, resulting in progressive disease. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to their children. Now, let's look at the early symptoms of mental retardation.

1. Eating difficulties: appear in infancy.

The earliest symptoms of mentally retarded babies are often difficult to feed, inability to suck, and particularly prone to vomiting, which means that the nervous system is damaged and future intelligence is affected in the future. After adding complementary food at half-year-old, chewing late feeding is difficult, eating solid food is not easy to swallow, leading to vomiting.

2. Face. Abnormal posture.

Some infants with congenital mental retardation exhibit abnormal facial and posture. For example, congenitally stupid children have eyes that are too far apart, slanted eyes, a collapsed bridge of the nose, and the tongue often drags out of the mouth. Saliva and other manifestations, often referred to as the international face. Children with hydrocephalus have a particularly large head circumference, and children with microcephaly have a particularly small head. People with hypothyroidism are particularly short in stature, and those with phenylketonuria have unusually white skin and particularly light hair.

3. Slow motor development: Infants with mental retardation have significantly slower motor development than normal infants pku diet.

The starting age of prone, looking up, sitting, standing, walking and other movements is later than normal peers. 4 months still can't lift his head, 10 months still can't sit alone, 12 months later can't pinch things with fingers. When you start walking, your feet are still kicking all over the place. You usually don't walk on your own until you're 3-4 or 4-5 years old, and your walk is unsteady.

If your child suffers from the above, be sure to check as soon as possible and don't risk it. Children will not know their condition and can rely on parental awareness, so we must be careful and treat as soon as it is diagnosed.

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