How are plastic products made of food industry?


How are plastic products made? East Rail Line Extension Plastic products are indispensable appliances in the daily life of contemporary people, is also a common packaging supplies, it is how to produce and process it, Iwakang plastic machinery I came to take us together to master how plastic products are produced and manufactured to solve it.

A, the production and manufacture of raw materials

Plastic products are commonly property management software produced and manufactured from a variety of raw materials, pet, pvc, pp, pc and other raw materials.
1, pet is the universal water bottle seat material, we commonly used soda water bottle seat, beverage bottles are all pet composition, the material is only 70 ℃ high temperature environment, sustained high temperature can deformation.
2, pvc material is very little used in the production and manufacture of food industry substances, generally more suitable for the production and manufacture of furniture plate pipeline and other goods.
3, pp heat-resistant materials, can be cleaned up after repeated use of materials, common in life microwave heating meal is PP material, can be in 130 ℃ continuous high temperature heating.
4, pc the material is the most common one using the standard, glass bottles, space cups, medical machinery, cycling parts, engineering and construction materials and other components are made of PC materials.

Plastic products production equipment

Second, the production prototype plastic parts equipment of plastic products
Plastic products production equipment called hollow blow molding machine, one of the common industrial equipment, hollow blow molding machine is divided into hollow blow molding machine, plastic machine, extrusion machinery and equipment three different manufacturing methods, three kinds of equipment to solve different commodities, most of the plastic products on the market are this kind of production and manufacturing.

Hollow blow molding machine as an example, let us introduce his production process in detail, thermoplastic resin into the barrel plastic blanks, while the heat will be heated to a soft situation of the solid model, placed out of the mold, closed immediately after the mold into the air compression within the blanks, so that the plastic blanks blowing and clinging to the mold cavity, along with the mold cavity will be cooling the finished product out of the mold, you can get hollow plastic products.

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