UnionPay mobile payment: a convenient payment method for the people


UnionPay mobile payment is a convenient payment method for the people, with its own unique advantages and universal application scope, as well as simple operation methods and strong portability.

Advantages and application scope of UnionPay mobile payment

UnionPay mobile payment is a payment method that closely links smartphones and savings cards. In the whole process of china unionpay international payment, the financial industry induction card in the cell phone is used as the basic user payment account, and the cell phone is used as the terminal device to solve various payment information contents, giving full play to the role of bank counters and POS machines, so that customers can carry out payment on the cell phone at any time.

Many people feel that the credit card and cell phone on tied together, its security factor will be reduced, a little inattention, there is a high probability that the suspect will have the opportunity to take advantage of, resulting in its own economic losses. The objective truth is just the opposite. One of the greater advantages of UnionPay mobile payment is its high security factor.

The mechanism of UnionPay cell phone payment is to obtain the user's bank card number, ID card number and cell phone number according to the information content formed by the user during the shopping session, and then get the user's bank card account number according to the system dialing of the user's cell phone, and finally the user's ID card number, bank card number, cell phone number and login password collected in these two ways will be made into data encrypted purchase and sale payment requirements, which will be sent to UnionPay public payment service platform for buying and selling transaction payment.

The security measures given by UnionPay cell phone payment are based on the world's most excellent and safe and reliable intelligent encryption algorithm at this stage, which is chosen as the hardware configuration level encryption algorithm. This kind of technicality can completely avoid the riskiness of cell phone viruses, Trojan horse viruses and their false URLs and network hackers, which greatly improves the security factor of payments on cell phones. UnionPay Mobile Payment is internationally certified according to China UnionPay and the National Bank Card Testing Center and is thoroughly trustworthy.

At the same time, UnionPay Mobile Payment uses a two-way password setting, which is based on two-way data encryption of the SD card login password and the savings card payment password on the cell phone, to enhance the security of the whole payment process. The use of this new technology enables users to make payments on their cell phones without worrying about the security risks arising from the loss of their cell phones. Even if a user loses his cell phone, he must only report the loss and receive a replacement SD card again.

Another advantage of UnionPay mobile payment is its convenience. As long as it is within the coverage of the wireless network on the cell phone, the user can take out the application for all credit business requirements on the cell phone, which is very convenient and fast.

In addition to the convenience of general mobile payment special tools, UnionPay cell phone payment has further expansion, the key reflected in its application role, including the following parts.

(1) Paying expenses

In daily life, the payment of various utility bills and the recharge of cell phone bills of cell phones of China Mobile, China Unicom and Telecom can be paid on UnionPay cell phones.

(2) Apply for credit business

Almost all the business processes that can be applied for in the physical bank counter can be completed according to UnionPay cell phone payment, such as checking, transferring and repayment, etc., can be applied for immediately according to the cell phone.

(3) Leisure and entertainment business travel services

According to UnionPay cell phone payment, people no longer need to go to the theater to buy tickets, don't worry about not being able to choose a good seat, game point cards no longer have to go to the Internet cafe to purchase, and even purchase airplane tickets can be completed according to UnionPay cell phone payment.

The convenience and security features make it more and more recognized by the users, turning it into a model of convenient and beneficial payment in mobile payment.

The operation method of UnionPay mobile payment

UnionPay mobile payment is slowly becoming more and more popular in people's lives because of its obvious security and convenience. Savings cards that are suitable for UnionPay mobile payment mainly include Bank of China, Bank of Communications, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank, China Merchants Bank, Huishang Bank and Post and Reserve Bank. Most of the common savings cards have the role of UnionPay mobile payment, naturally, there are also exceptions, such as the savings card of the Construction Bank, which is temporarily not yet compatible with UnionPay mobile payment.

The operation method is basically the same when the user applies the corresponding UnionPay mobile payment function of each bank on the cell phone. Naturally, there are some differences in the operation steps because of the different software systems that users use for their smartphones.

New users of UnionPay mobile payment at the very beginning of the application must successively carry out the process of installation, application registration and login before they can apply for the relevant business process and at the same time get a unique UnionPay mobile payment login account and login password to ensure the security of the user in the whole process of application. After installation and registration, users can log in immediately by simply typing in their account and login password for the next application.

As long as there is a cell phone on, with the Internet, and the UnionPay mobile payment mobile client installed, users can enjoy the convenient and fast payment service items generated by mobile payment at any time.

UnionPay Cash Register - POS on the go

Mobile payment reform is in fact a "solution to the cash" reform. In recent years, the frenzy over mobile payments has continued to heat up and remain high. The release of UnionPay cell phone payment is also a further expansion of the scope of mobile payment applications. According to an incomplete statistical analysis, in China, the demand for savings cards reaches 5 billion, in other words, there are close to 4 savings cards on average. Such a huge sales market, once running up, its development potential is immeasurable.

In real life, people buy things in the mall usually apply POS machine credit card, many people feel that payment method eliminates the inconvenience of cash change and bring money. However, when the mobile payment trend is coming, the regulations for payment methods have long been limited not only to the level of "mobile payment", but also to the convenience of looking for anytime.

In response to the needs of that market, the UnionPay cash register has taken on the status of a POS machine that can be carried around with you, making us feel bright.

The full name of UnionPay Cashier is UnionPay Mobile Payment Cashier, which is a new and upgraded payment special tool released by China UnionPay, with cardless payment as a secure channel. To use it, users only need to download the UnionPay Cashier Mobile App App from the mobile app store and follow the corresponding process to install and apply it. The most important feature is that users can easily make all kinds of payments without opening internet banking or changing cell phones.

In response to the security concerns of users, UnionPay Cash Register has entered the payment authentication stage at the security protection level and has obtained the verification of UnionPay security. In the whole process of user payment, the key link to complete the security precautions depends on the UnionPay cashier to open a multi-key double security exit, and on this basis a set of the highest level of security protection mechanism has been established at this stage, strengthening the data encryption of information and password settings, etc., in the real sense of maintaining the security of payment.

UnionPay cash registers are often referred to as "on-the-go POS", and a very large part of the factor lies in their convenience. The traditional definition of a POS is the large mall cashier POS that most customers touch. Although the cash register POS is much more convenient than cash payments, it can only be used in shopping malls, losing operational flexibility and convenience.

The CUP cash register is in fact a POS that turns the user's smartphone into a POS that can be carried around and used anytime, anywhere. As a cell phone does not forget the home of contemporary customers, with a cell phone, it is equivalent to bring a movement of POS, and its payment scope greatly exceeds the scope of use of large shopping mall POS.

In the security, convenience and speed of the basic, UnionPay cashier's role to expand more comprehensive.

①Various payment methods. The payment methods of UnionPay cashier include verification payment, convenient payment, membership card payment and other methods, allowing users to have more and more choices in payment methods.

② Transaction list. On the online platform of UnionPay Cash Register, the user's entire transaction list is written down, which is conducive to customer search and management methods.

③ Daily life games and entertainment. In addition to the main payment for buying things, UnionPay Cashier also handles train ticket and air ticket ordering, cell phone bill recharge and other services, which greatly enriches the use of payment on cell phones.

④ Merchant directory. In UnionPay Cashier, the system software will strongly recommend the detailed information of some collaborating merchants to users, so that users can experience the convenience and speed of online shopping in all aspects.

The UnionPay cashier is the model of a special tool for people-friendly payment, which comes from POS machines in large shopping malls and is far better than POS machines, with security, convenience, and various applications, generating a large and stronger payment feeling for users in the mobile payment period.

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