What are the foreign bitcoin trading platforms?


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BTC does not have the basic meaning of being a loan coin, as it is a string of codes caused by a complicated optimization algorithm. The state People's Bank of China counsellor Sheng Songcheng indicated in an interview with the financial magazine that a digital currency like BTC is property, but BTC itself does not have the main characteristics of a loan coin that can meet the requirements of contemporary economic and social development. What are the foreign bitcoin trading platforms?

Btc-e is a well-known local work visa application hong kong Bulgarian virtual currency trading service, and is also the most popular online data virtual currency trading for the national population. The trust of its users is excellent, the customer experience is well done, buying and selling saves time and effort and there is quite a lot of currency, and the safety factor is confirmed by the secondary email. (The flaw is the overseas service platform, in the online top-up, cash withdrawal and other areas without the convenience of China.

Some industry insiders indicate create bitcoin account that BTC will achieve a total limit of 21 million in 2140. Because the total number is relatively limited, it is predicted that it will not be able to become a communication medium that can meet the needs of contemporary economic and social development, as the money supply should be related to the requirements of economic development. The Chinese loan currency government should look into issuing a central bank digital currency to enable it to function properly.
Australia interrupts multiple tax payments on BTC on all fronts.

The fact that Japan and Australia are exempted from the virtual currency transaction tax at the same time indicates on the one hand the drastic application of BTC by the two economic powers, Japan and Australia, and on the other hand represents the end of the local tax period for BTC and the announcement of a period of growth in international terms.

So it can be said: the future of BTC has arrived early!

The current bitcoin price of $17,000, from Coin Bank
Japan withdraws BTC income tax.
Japan's **** has granted a tax exemption for virtual currency transactions, including BTC. "The bill to implement a part of the cabinet directive to amend the income tax law" was announced to be effective on July 1.
In other words, on July 1, 2017, virtual currency transactions [purchase/sale] will no longer be subject to the 8% income tax.
Japan's consumption tax rate is currently 8%, and Japan **** had planned to increase the income tax to 10% in April 2022, but President Shinzo Abe announced that "the income tax increase and income tax rate reduction will be delayed until October 2019. "
Although the new version of the income tax abolishes the income tax on virtual currencies, there are still other taxes such as personal income tax, income tax or income tax.
In this regard, the Japanese trading platform Bitflyer stated, "If you earn more than your straight line from digital currencies, this may be considered as miscellaneous income and you will have to pay tax. For companies, this would be considered as main business income."

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