What is the practical significance of assembling an air purifier?

What is the practical significance of assembling an air purifier?

Today's domestic air index is getting air purifier for cat allergies worse and worse, including home or business, especially the more people or air circulation areas, will make people feel very boring and breathing difficulties. And air purification machine, can purify the indoor air, many of the home is to buy a usual application, many companies are there. What is the actual significance of air purifiers? What are the benefits of air purifiers? This many friends want to understand it, the following Orandez I will share with the big guys!

Air purifier is a new type of electrical google pay online shopping products, it has the role of adjusting the temperature, automatic identification of smoke, filtering out floating dust, removing odor and harmful substances, double sterilization, releasing negative air ions and so on. Now there are many grease purifiers released in the market one after another. Can reasonably eliminate microbial strains and pollutants in the air, like germs, viral infections, electrotoxic, aflatoxin in the air, on the surface of objects, and at the same time remove the dead white chips, bee pollen and other sources that cause diseases in the air and reduce the spread of diseases in the air.

Today's air index is becoming more Nepia and more serious, bad air has a greater damage to human health, air purification machine means that it can absorb, dissolve and transform a variety of pollutants in the air, generally containing, bee pollen, dust, odor, PM2.5, indoor formaldehyde decoration, viral infections, germs, etc., to enhance the cleanliness of the air goods.

Air purification machine at the same time can also be the foundation to settle the air dust, mineral dust, smoke, chemical fiber residue and other kinds of respirable particles suspended particulate matter. And reasonable to remove the odor, fast in the combined chemical gas and release out of the Vita oxygen, every second pulse release out of millions of Vita oxygen, establish out of the green ecological mountain bath natural environment, the body to carry out green ecological type fundamental reason brain health care, purify the blood, remove harmful oxygen free radicals, to do to relieve fatigue, improve human brain vitality, reduce the role of psychological stress and negative thinking, let your family The atmosphere tears like rain after the mountains like fresh and elegant.

What is the role of air purification machine
1, biological effect: experimental research and clinical observation shows that negative oxygen ions on the human body has various aspects of biological effects. Recommend a Orandez air purifier, it has this kind of role, after the application, the gas becomes very refreshing, can reduce the gas of a variety of environmental pollution, to produce a comfortable environment for you.

2, electrostatic elimination: electrostatic phenomenon is generally caused by positive ions with a positive charge, the air in the air negative ions will be fused with covalent bonds, with the effectiveness of electrostatic elimination.
3, anti-bacteria: negative oxygen ions can be fused with the air attached to the floating dust germs, microbial strains of viral infections, etc., so that it is reduced. Experimental studies have confirmed that negative oxygen ions on the gas microbial strains have a strong antagonistic effect, so that pathogens lose the ability to attack human cells, and thus have the efficacy of killing germs to purify indoor air.

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