Body and mind balance debate: Chinese massage vs Thai massage, which is more suitable for you?

Thai massage

Chinese massage and Thai massage are two different ways of traditional massage therapy, they are in the techniques,hotel outcall massage theories and cultural development of the background there are for some with obvious differences.

1. Technique differences:

Chinese massage: Attention to meridians, massage, kneading and acupressure, mainly through massage to regulate the blood flow of the body, to promote the health and balance of the body.

Thai Massage:Combines the stretching movements of yoga, emphasizing stretching and joint mobility, with the masseur applying pressure with the palms, thumbs, elbows, knees and feet. Thai massage is believed to help improve joint flexibility.

2. Clothing requirements:

Chinese Massage: It is usually necessary to remove the top, but undergarments are retained and the masseur covers the private parts with a towel for privacy.

Thai Massage: Loose, comfortable clothing can be worn as our style of massage mainly involves different stretches and stretches and does not require total body disrobing.

3. Theoretical basis:

Chinese Massage: Based on the theory of development of Chinese medicine, emphasizing on the regulation of meridians and acupoints, it is believed that companies through massage we can effectively promote the balance of energy in the body.

Thai Massage: Derived from Thai traditional medicine and Indian yoga, emphasizing the body's air flow and vitality.nuru massage hong kong Thai massage means that the body has "energy lines", through which the flow of energy is promoted.

4. Ambience:

Chinese massage: often in a quiet and comfortable environment, focusing on creating a quiet atmosphere, sometimes accompanied by soft music.

Thai Massage: Can be done in a bright, open environment. Traditional Thai massage will be done on the floor, using mats rather than a massage table.

Overall, both Chinese and Thai massage have their own unique characteristics, and the choice depends on personal preference and physical needs. Chinese massage emphasizes the meridians and acupoints of the body, while Thai massage focuses more on stretching and stretching the entire body.


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