Teach package dad and Mabao how to choose children's clothing for their children.

Childrens Sweaters

With the increase of only child in China, the level of importance Childrens Sweatersof children in the family is getting higher and higher. Bao Dad and Ma Bao work hard to earn money way is the enterprise in order to give the child can better life, so that the child eat well and wear good, clothing, food, housing and transport everything to our children to learn the best. Not even grandparents, grandma, grandma and grandpa are even more doting on the development of the child, are influencing the child to the stars definitely not to the child the moon.

Parents will buy their children a variety of clothes to make their little princesses and princesses look beautiful and moving. In addition to the price of clothes, how many parents will choose good fabrics, good workmanship and good colors, in addition to the right size? Children's clothing.

First, in the choice of texture, suitable for cotton

Children's skin is delicate, cotton fabrics are soft and can gently touch children's skin to avoid scratching. Cotton fabrics are breathable and do not hinder the evaporation of sweat, making the baby feel comfortable. And chemical fiber fabrics do not have this characteristic. Often the baby sweat during exercise, sweat can not evaporate in time, resulting in wet baby clothes. If you do not change clothes in time, it is easy to catch a cold.

In the size of different styles can choose, should be loose, avoid tight

Baby is active, if you wear too tight, it is not conducive to the stretching of his limbs and activities, long-term lack of activity, the baby is prone to illness. Provide your baby with loose and natural casual wear, so that your baby can move freely and flexibly, not only in a happy mood, but also to strengthen the movement, which is beneficial to your baby's health. It is too loose and uninspiring. Choose clothes that are easy to put on and take off, such as jackets, open-top loose clothes, dresses and undershirts, which are more practical for younger children, and pullovers and sweatshirts for children as young as 3 or 4 years old.

Children's pants are usually elastic, but some elastic is too tight and can interfere with children's breathing and normal sternum development, preferring to be a little loose. The choice of children's clothing style is mainly based on comfort.

Choose from the workmanship

Choose children's clothing from the sewing, pay attention to the surface of the children's clothing whether there are obvious woven defects, whether the main sewing parts have obvious color differences and fabric "slip", but also pay attention to the texture of various accessories, such as zippers are smooth, buttons are firm, whether the hem wire head. You can also observe the neckline pressure line is double pressure line or single pressure line. Single-pressed line neckline is easy to deform, double-pressed line neckline is not so easy to deform.

Children's clothing from the child to carry out a safe, comfortable perspective analysis, from the selection of fabrics to design, and then to the social production enterprises processing, layer by layer gatekeeper.

Nine health fabrics, combed cotton, breathing cotton, long-staple cotton, soft cotton, bamboo carbon fiber, bamboo fiber, hemp, silk cotton, Modal, etc. for clothing fabrics.

Committed to providing children with natural and comfortable, healthy children's clothing is a commitment to children, parents, but also to the distribution market commitment to guarantee.


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Teach package dad and Mabao how to choose children's clothing for their children.

With the increase of only child in China, the level of importance Childrens Sweatersof children in the family is getting higher and higher. Bao Dad and Ma Bao w...

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