Why Do Western Countries Recognize the Existence of Bitcoin?


This characteristic, together with its capacity to traverse countries and platforms, makes it a great avenue for bribes and money laundering to move assets outside of the nation for gambling and other criminal activities. As a result, several nations that acknowledge bitcoin's legality, such as the United States, have enhanced regulation of bitcoin transactions. Why do certain nations acknowledge bitcoin's legitimacy? Of course, because there is interest to be earned, the spread llgo of bitcoin has caused some countries to begin taxing it. Russia once banned bitcoin and eventually succumbed to the temptation to begin taxing bitcoin as well, so it is easy to attract wealth for those countries with strong financial nature.

Hello, In August 2013, Germany became the first country in the world to acknowledge bitcoin's legal status, announcing that it has been included into the national regulatory framework, while in June 2014, Japan's governing Liberal Democratic Party said that bitcoin is an asset.

Why are western nations accepting bitcoin?

Following a contentious debate in which lawmakers lifted a three-year ban on bitcoin mining, limited it to new expansion projects and existing operations, and prohibited the issuance of licenses for mines powered by carbon-based fuels, the Texas House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass a "virtual currency bill" recognizing the virtual currency's legal status.

Reasons for the prohibition 1: The trading platform's vulnerability Although the Bitcoin network is strong, the Bitcoin trading platform is susceptible. The trading platform is often a website, and websites may be hacked or shut down by authorities; 2: Long transaction confirmation periods, and the transaction data takes a long time to download and install when the Bitcoin wallet is initially installed and downloaded.

Legal analysis does not recognize that bitcoin does not have monetary properties, that it is not a real sense of money, that it is a specific virtual commodity, that it does not have the same legal status as money, that the state prohibits financial institutions from providing bitcoin trading services on the legal basis of the prevention of bitcoin risk notice, and that it does not have the same legal status as money.

International students still recognize bitcoin, and there are many people in life who are very optimistic about the development of bitcoin, a network virtual coin, and they will buy a lot of bitcoin to make money, because we live in a very developed Internet era, and our lives are constantly in contact with the Internet, so we frequently need to make online transactions.

Why should the US recognize bitcoin as a legal financial instrument? The goal is to include bitcoin into the financial regulatory framework in order to safeguard the interests of regular investors, similar to how our central bank announced the banning of bitcoin, with a typical representative case being a man called Trenton? A classic example is Trenton Shewers, who established the "Bitcoin Storage and.

The digital gold rush has sparked a deep discussion about the future, but who is behind it all, and who is one of the most enigmatic figures in the virtual currency world, the so-called Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin? In an age where information is saturated with a lack of privacy and we know practically nothing about the beginnings of Bitcoin, who is behind this pseudonym?

Because it's a blockchain algorithm with many similar algorithms, what makes Bitcoin unique and "valuable"? Because it was placed in a casino controlled by a large banker, a Western capitalist, and it is up to the banker to determine its value.

Why are western nations accepting bitcoin?

Germany is the first recognized bitcoin country since its inception. Japan and Canada Estonia Malta Switzerland Belarus, Australia, and so on. Some nations consider that its decentralized properties make the digital money more concealed, allowing for secure and dependable transactions.

2, represented by our country, many large countries have not legally recognized bitcoin's monetary properties, but there are several countries around the world that are gradually trying to accept bitcoin's legalization, is represented by a very few countries in the West United States, why the United States to support bitcoin, some users said Musk is in support of the decentralization of the dollar

3. I'll give you a standard answer as to why bitcoin can be spent as money: the Japanese cabinet officially signed the payment service amendment bill, which officially recognized bitcoin as a legal payment method. The bill went into effect on April 1, 2017, making Japan the first country in the world to recognize bitcoin as a legal payment method.

4, according to the notice on the prevention of bitcoin risk, bitcoin is a "specific virtual commodity," bitcoin as virtual property has commodity properties, it is legal in some countries, but bitcoin cannot be used as currency in market circulation, and the CMC quotation platform and other trading platforms are not recognized by China's financial authorities. In China, the CMC platform and other trading platforms are not legally recognized.

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