Magic sponge is an easy-to-use cleaning tool. It is particularly important to show her strong cleaning ability


Why does the magic sponge have such good decontamination ability? stainless steel spongeListen to the explanation below.

Magic sponge is an easy-to-use cleaning tool. It is particularly important to show her strong cleaning ability when dealing with some rags that are not good or can't be handled, because basically only water is needed to remove stubborn stains, so that the cleaned things can achieve the effect of exchanging old ones for new ones. You may ask, how does it work so magically? Don't worry, now I have a little makeup answer for you.

First, we need to start with the materials and structure of the magic sponge. The sponge is made of honey amine foam, using state-of-the-art nanotechnology and has a 3D network of openings inside. It is through this social structure, the magic sponge can automatically control the surface of the object in the process of cleaning the stains immersed in water after adsorption. The magic sponge wipe is a pure physical purification that is safe and environmentally friendly.

Suitable for cleaning uneven surfaces and deep stubborn dirt, easy to maintain, will not leave scratches, will not hurt the surface of objects, easy to use, no need for chemical cleaning agents. Because of the inner opening structure of the magic sponge, the adsorbed stains can be removed after pressure washing in water, and then they can be reused, which is very convenient.

Because the magic sponge is a consumable, it wears off when you use it. So to properly control moisture, too dry more likely to lead to peeling and eating.

Use the stickers:

When wiping, wipe in one direction, which can extend the service life of decontamination cotton.

This magical sponge is fragile in nature, so we won't pinch it hard by using its organizational management structure to avoid cracking or damage.

Sponges are great for cleaning the kitchen, but their pores can hold tiny bacteria, mold, and easily spread bacteria. Fortunately, you can keep sponges almost sterile by removing bacteria from the microwave, putting them in the dishwasher or soaking them in bleach. Be sure to replace sponges regularly and let them dry before use.

What are nanosponges

Nano sponge is a new type of economic bubble with high porosity and three-dimensional model grid structure. Different physical methods are used to release the constraint mechanism. It relies on the special three-dimensional space network structure inside nano sponge (each small particle is less than one tenth of a hair) after soaking. Its internal management will gradually form countless nano-scale capillary pore structures, which will automatically control the adsorption of objects through the stained surface during the wiping process. So for these white sponges, you only need to add a little water to develop powerful cleaning products and scrub stubborn stains, without worrying about the smoke generated by cleaners such as violent chemical reaction or bleach spray. Nano sponge city can be mainly used for most corporate surfaces in your home, from stoves to sinks, crayon marks on tables, hard water stains in bathrooms, bathtub dirt, bathtub lime dirt, wall scratches and other surfaces that are usually difficult to scrub.

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