Word editing 4 tips, not recommended first collection!

Underline text

In our daily work and study, we often need to use Word for document editing and layout. Although Word is a powerful software, many people may not be familiar with some of its advanced features. In this article, we will introduce you to 5 techniques for editing Word to help you use the tool more effectively.word to pdf converter free download offline If you are not familiar with these techniques, we recommend that you bookmark this article for future use!

1. Underline text.

Sometimes we need to emphasize a Word or phrase in a Word document, we can do this through the use of underlining.

But Word's default underline is extended from the bottom of the text,pdf split and merge download online if you want to add an underline after the Chinese text, you can directly in accordance with the following steps now need to manage the operation:

Right-click on the paragraph - click tab stop settings

After the completion of the settings, put the mouse behind the colon, press the tab key, you can add the underline behind the text!

2. Text Alignment

In Word documents, we often need to align the text to make the entire document more beautiful and easier to read.

For example, the following word list of 2 words and 4 words are aligned.

Find yourself to start, click to carry out the following button, enter 4 characters, click can be confirmed.

The effect is out!

3. Add a small box in the word list

In Word documents,convert word to pdf with embedded excel files we often need to use tables to organize and display data. Sometimes we want to add small boxes to the table for checking or marking.

Before you need to add a small box of data, click Insert, find the symbol, and then find the small box.

So you can add a small box in front of the data!

4. small box to check the box

After adding a small box in the Word document, sometimes we need our country also need to be in the box can be a checkbox operation.

In the "contribution" directly in front of the input 2611.

Hold down the alt key + x, the box and √ will appear.

Here are 4 tips for Word. By learning and mastering these skills, I believe you can use Word more effectively for document editing and layout.


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