Inspection Principle of Automatic Visual Inspection Equipment for Injection Molded Parts

Inspection Principle of Automatic Visual Inspection Equipment for Injection Molded Parts

Plastic products are widely used in our daily life, such as daily necessities, stationery, electrical appliances, cell phones, computers, tableware, furniture, automobiles, medical equipment parts and other ubiquitous. For medium-sized and large factories, a large number of plastic parts are produced by injection molding every day. After the plastic parts are molded, there will be more or less undesirable surface defects, commonly including deformation, defects, flash, batch front, cracks, stains, material flower, uneven color, black spots, color difference, poor printing, size and other appearance defects vision system companies.

Assuming that the traditional manual quality inspection to detect such a huge repeated workload for the product's appearance defects size detection, undoubtedly need to invest a lot of manpower costs and management costs, and difficult to ensure that the product's detection efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, the use of modern visual inspection equipment is particularly necessary. Plastic parts inspection technology to detect defects in the appearance of plastic parts, the advantages are very prominent, more efficient, faster, more accurate, and can significantly reduce the factory in the quality inspection of labor costs, thereby increasing corporate earnings.

Machine learning vision technology inspection network equipment, fully automated visual quality inspection of student operations, it realizes the automatic loading and unloading, automatic control of detection, automatic rejection of NG products, automatic loading of one-stop inspection workflow. Plastic parts are vibration plate in turn into the glass plate, the product will be transmitted to the CCD industrial economy camera high-speed photography, and then by the detection of management software design system for the development of high-speed, high-precision, high-stability real-time target detection of photographic image information, analysis, calculation, to determine whether the sample has a qualified, and then the results will be displayed on the output, statistics, and found that some of the defective products for the study of the automatic rejection of the labor-saving,. Detection method is fast and efficient.

Automatic appearance defect detection equipment is equivalent to press a pair of "eyes" on the machine, with industrial cameras instead of human eyes to complete the detection, measurement, screening and other functions. Machine vision system hardware parts, such as vision light source, industrial cameras, industrial lenses, light source controller image acquisition card, image processing software and so on. The most basic feature of machine vision system is to improve the flexibility and automation of production. In some hazardous working environments where human work is not suitable or artificial vision cannot meet the requirements, machine vision is often used to replace artificial vision.

CCD machine vision appearance defect detection system principle

1. Using photoelectric vision technology instead of human eye vision detection: Using high-speed industrial camera to collect image information of workpiece, input it into PC, process and analyze it through certain procedures and algorithms, distinguish the standards and differences, and then output the results for statistics. Alarm or automatically exclude defective products.

2.automated inspection system features:Automatically locate and inspect parts of any shape. Especially convenient for the detection of shaped and soft parts.

3. Not affected by the analysis of human factors, detection and research results carried out with stability, correctness and consistency.

4, instead of manual testing, it can save labor costs to zero.

5、Simple operation, easy to use, only need to set the product test parameters in advance.

6, testing efficiency 200-800 per minute can be fully automatic control of intelligent technology detection, identification and rejection.

7, storage of various types of product testing process parameters, the future only need to call out can be used.

8. Fully enclosed visual lens and light source system, can adapt to vibration, humidity, dust and other harsh environments.

automatic visual inspection system can be used in a variety of industries, such as automotive parts, hardware, standard parts, magnetic materials, precision hardware, electronic components, magnetic materials, ceramic parts, silicone rubber, etc., and we are confident enough to solve the problem for you, the purpose of which is to replace the manual product testing, automatic detection of stamping parts, injection molding parts, mechanical parts, military products, medical equipment, etc., appearance and size defects, improve production efficiency. etc. to improve production efficiency and reduce labor costs.


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