Vacuum cleaner is an essential cleaning tool in life, but do you really understand it?

vacuum cleaner

In daily life, cleaning is a must, so various cleaning products are manufactured because of people's needs. Take the vacuum cleaner as an example. Cleaning things is absolutely unavoidable because it is the main force in floor cleaning. So, do you know how a vacuum cleaner works?

Simply put, a vacuum cleaner is a device that uses these gas pumps to create a vacuum, generate suction, and suck up dust from the floor or other important locations. According to structural design,wet dry stick vacuum it can be divided into vertical, horizontal and portable. Upright vacuum cleaners are more common in the American market and are suitable for cleaning large areas of carpets.

Horizontal vacuum cleaners are a common type of vacuum cleaner in the Asian and European markets, accounting for more than 80% of the entire market. The utility model has the advantages of compact appearance and convenient storage. Horizontal vacuum cleaners are further divided into "box vacuums" and "bag vacuums".

There are many portable vacuum cleaners, which generally come in four types:

Shoulder vacuum cleaner: Small in size,wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home carried on the shoulders when used, with low power output.

Rod vacuum cleaner: Shaped like a rod, with a handle at the upper end and a suction nozzle at the lower end, with low power output.

Portable vacuum cleaner: smaller in size, can be held directly in the hand and used with low power output.

Micro vacuum cleaner: mostly battery powered, smaller in size, mostly used for cleaning clothes, instruments, etc., micro power.

With the increasing number of duplexes and large-area houses, the demand for vacuum cleaners is becoming stronger and stronger. After all, who doesn’t want to make housework easier? So when you are shopping at home, you can definitely see these three styles of vacuum cleaners. So you want to ask whether the currently hot smart home or whole-house smart is any good?

Makes sense. Smart homes and whole-home intelligence are becoming more and more common in our lives, and things are going pretty well, but the technical hurdles are not so easy to overcome. They are still in the early stages and have been struggling in the early stages for a long time.

So nothing to worry about. If you want to buy something early to try, that’s okay. This is an emerging technology after all, and the most basic cleaning capabilities are still available. When choosing, just choose a big brand. If you focus on practicality, a vacuum cleaner is completely adequate and there are many choices.


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