Shabu is a type of hot pot in Japan

Shabu is a type of hot pot in Japan

The original Japanese for shabu-shabu is "しゃぶしゃぶ", which refers to using chopsticks to hold the meat and sway the soup back and forth. Beef slices are usually placed in a saucepan with a special soup, and then blanched with grapefruit vinegar or tahini sauce. Recently, pork-based mutton and seafood-based mutton have been introduced. Beef Shabu(牛熊市),Shabu-shabu can also be paired with vegetables such as cabbage and mushrooms.

The history of shabu-shabu

Japanese-style shabu-shabu was developed in 1952 by the president of Suehiro (スエヒロ) in Nagarakcho, Osaka. This food trend has not gone down so far, and it can be said that you can see shabu-shabu specialty shops everywhere.

Shabu-shabu can be enjoyed at high-end Japanese restaurants, shabu-shabu restaurants or hot pot restaurants, beef shabu-shabu, and of course there are also some affordable chain stores. In addition, there are also some shops that provide "all you can eat (食べ放题)" service, which means you can freely and unlimitedly enjoy various meat quality and Chinese vegetables in the shop for a fixed amount of time for a certain period of time.

Next, we will introduce the basic situation of Japanese hot pot to overseas tourists.

Shabu-shabu is a simple dish that is not difficult to make.

The things we need can be roughly divided into 3 categories, namely ingredients, soups and sauces. As long as you are ready, it's OK.


If you want to make kelp soup, you can boil the water in a special pot for casserole or shabu-shabu, put the kelp to a boil, and the kelp soup will do just that. The kelp should be taken out before the water is boiled.

The ingredients are usually beef and pork slices and so on. Fish Shabu Shabu is made with slices of fish thinner than sashimi, such as anchovies and tall anchovies. Special meat slices for shabu-shabu are available in Japanese supermarkets. Other related ingredients include cabbage, green onions, lettuce, shiitake mushrooms, enoki mushrooms, Congshengkou Mushrooms, artemisia and tofu.


The usual seasonings are herbs (green onions, grated radish and red leaves (carrot and chili), grapefruit vinegar and tahini.

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