Do you clean the "IH stove" and go around on the back burner?

Do you clean the "IH stove" and go around on the back burner?

"IH stove" that is easier to clean than a gas stove. However, if you leave it after the oil or seasoning bounces, it will become stubborn dirt, so be careful. This time I will introduce cleaning methods and dirt prevention techniques to keep a clean IH stove!

◇How to clean the top plate

When oil or juice bounces, wipe it off early with water or ski.

Wipe off the juice and oil that bounced during cooking as soon as possible. If it is a light stain, it will fall off enough even if I wipe it with water. If the oil stains are terrible, spray the sesuki water, and let's do it after the top plate cools so as not to burn.

Use baking soda and cleanser for stubborn burnt stains

If you repeatedly cook with dirt on it, or if you use a pot with a dirty bottom, it may burn. In such a case, let's rub it with a cream cleanser or baking soda.

The cleanser is always "cream type"

If it is a powder, there are many things that contain a lot of abrasives, and there is a possibility that it will damage the top plate, so it is a good idea to choose a cream type for the cleanser.

This cleanser has a small blending rate of 20% of the abrasive, so there is little worry about damaging the top plate and peace of mind. It is also important to use natural ingredients that are softer than glass and stainless steel.

rub the charred with a rounded wrap

Use a crumpled wrap instead of a sponge. If it is aluminum foil, the top plate may be damaged. The cream cleanser is hung in an appropriate amount, and it rubs it in a circle. In the case of baking soda, place the powder on top of the dirt, drip a little water, make it a paste and rub.

Wipe off the detergent and finish!

When the dirt is removed, wipe it off with a cloth. Wipe thoroughly so that detergent does not remain. Finally, wipe with water and you're done!

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◇How to clean the exhaust port and the gap

Wash parts that can be removed, such as covers, with detergent.

Wash removable parts such as exhaust port cover with detergent. If there is little dirt, use dishwashing detergent, and if oil stains are severe, spray skin water to rub it. It is recommended to wash every time it gets dirty.

In the exhaust port, the crack wrapped with the cloth and baking soda water

The inside of the exhaust port is rubbed with a toothbrush with baking soda water. If it is hard to reach with a brush, prepare a kitchen paper or cloth wrapped around it, and rub it by soaking baking soda water. At this time, be careful not to fall dust on the bottom. Finally, replace it with a water-squeezed cloth and wipe off the baking soda.

If you use a brush for the gap of the IH stove ◎

Small garbage tends to get stuck in the gap of the IH stove. Because it is hard to take it with a cloth, let's clean it with a brush. You can get it at the 100 yen shop, and even if you use it with a used toothbrush◎

◇How to clean the grill

Wash the nets, saucers, and doors with dishwashing detergent.

If you use a saucer, net, door, or another thing that can be removed, wash it each time. If it is immediately after use, it can be removed with dishwashing detergent. If the dirt is terrible, let's soak it with baking soda and wash it.

Put stubborn stains on hot water.

Cover the outlet of the sink or prepare a garbage bag to store hot water of about 40 degrees Celsius. Let's dissolve at a ratio of about 3 tablespoons of baking soda to 1L of hot water. Put a burnt net or saucer and place it for about an hour. After that, let's rub it with melamine sponge, etc.

The inside of the cabinet is wiped off after the ski water pack is made.

Because there are a lot of oil stains in the cabinet of the grill, Seski water is used. After spraying the ski water evenly in the cabinet, paste the kitchen paper and leave it for about 1 hour. After that, rub it with a melamine sponge or a brush. Let's repeat it several times if the dirt removal is bad. Finally, wipe with water and finish.

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