To live your life in your own way. Tips for always having 30% room


Are you spending the day on schedule?

When we start working, I think there are many people who first check the arrangement of the day roughly. There might be a person who says that it touches from the one with a high priority.

However, it is actually really rare that things go according to the schedule you set up. You may experience sudden visitors, repeated phone calls, or accidents.

Then, the rough arrangement set up in the morning becomes useless. In addition, my work remains untouched as a job. When you start working, you often don't have enough time at all.

Sometimes I'm controlled by my work...

When you are working while being pressed for time, it tends to be the first decision to finish. It can be difficult to make time to review or reconsider for mistakes.

And most of all, they always seem to be driven away, and their movements are controlled by their work. With this, it's not fun or rewarding, it's no use feeling stressed.

I always want to decide what I'm going to do.

You need 30% room to control yourself

Small bags are easy to hold and adorable, but if you increase your luggage unexpectedly, you won't be able to "put" everything. However, it is not possible to leave it, and it will walk with it while having a hard time. On the other hand, if you have a large bag, you can put it perfectly.

In the same way, we can't accept our work, but also in our daily lives if we don't have a certain amount of time and mind. If you can't afford it, you're in a state where you're controlled by work like this.

I want to take a breath and think and act with my own head. In other words, in order not to give control of your actions to others, you always need to have about 30% "margin".

Three tips to create a margin

So how do we create room in our busy days?

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Tip 1: Don't cram your schedule

If you pack up your schedule on something that's unclear at the end of time, such as a meeting or an appointment to meet someone, just one shift will affect everything else.

In the morning, it's time to concentrate and think about things and set up two rules for scheduling, such as meeting people in the afternoon up to two.

Tip 2: Eliminating waste and simplifying

In my work, I often feel difficult and troublesome. You may feel heavy or don't want to do it.

Instead of putting up with them with negative feelings, think about why you feel troublesome, why you don't want to do it, what causes it, you can't simplify the process, or you can't have fun.

It would be best if you could change the way you work by actively working on it yourself, thereby eliminating waste and creating time and mental leeway. Think of every negative emotion as awareness to make a change.

Tip 3: Don't adapt too much to your opponent's schedule.

When you make an appointment to meet someone at work, which is the most convenient thing to choose depends on your position and power. But sometimes it's not just about drinking the other person's schedule, it's also about passing your point.

It is rather negative to create a situation where you have to be late for the meeting time or round up early by adjusting to the other party's schedule. Let's communicate hope firmly not only for yourself but also for the other party.

Let's live your life in your own way with 30% leeway.

Creating 30% of the time in a busy time can feel very difficult at first. However, rather than being driven to work and what you have to do, you should feel more fun and fulfilling if you can proceed on your own initiative.

By controlling myself, I would be very happy if I could change the day to a positive day that I thought "I worked hard today" instead of ending the day in a mess.


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